Portable Multi Frequency Multi Channel Eddy Current Testing Equipment

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Portable Multi Frequency Multi Channel Eddy Current Testing Equipment

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The latest touch screen portable multi-frequency multi-channel eddy current testing



HEF-EA series of multi-channel detector with digital, intelligent, highly integrated features, the system integrates independent 1-4 channel (optional) eddy current detection system



◆ Has a powerful detection capabilities, experimental features, good stability, high noise ratio, while expanding a variety of practical applications. System uses the most advanced computer technology, DSP digital processing technology, FPGA technology research and development design. At the same time the system has a powerful data output capabilities, scalability, software upgrades can be free, you can connect most of the world's automation systems, based on the system detection platform, detection signals and data can be achieved in many ways to share, data acquisition, output , Analysis, storage, reading and other functions throughout the intelligent processing

◆ Powerful software features save parameters, data storage, report analysis, statistics and other functions.

◆ Can be flexible, fast customization of various types of high-performance, cost-effective detection probe (point type, plane, wear, wear, sorting and other probes and rotary scanners).

◆ Instrument operation is simple, reasonable, intuitive, flexible configuration of various detection functions.

◆ A wider frequency can detect any solid metal workpiece.

◆ Optional 8-frequency material sorting module, the software can display a single channel 8 frequency sorting interface, optional grading statistical monitoring software.

◆ The system can be widely used in nuclear power, petrochemical, metallurgy, university teaching, automatization, auto parts manufacturing, all kinds of laboratories and so on.

◆ A quick switch for English, but also quickly customize multi-language package.



Technical specifications

◆ Detection channels: 1-4 (scalable as needed);

◆ Frequency range: 5 Hz ~ 12 MHz, continuously adjustable, 2-4 independent selectable frequency, multiple mixing unit

◆ Adjustable detection range, the maximum measurement: 10 ~ 10000, step 1;

◆ Magnification factor: 1dB ~ 32dB continuously adjustable, step: 1dB;

◆ Incentive mode:DP/DI;

◆ Gain range: 0.0dB ~ 99.0dB continuously adjustable, step: 0.1dB;
◆ Missed rate: ≤ 0%, false positive rate (mistakenly judged as qualified nonconforming product) ≤ 1%;

◆ Phase rotation: 0 ~ 360 ° continuously adjustable, step: 1;

◆ SNR≥12dB;
◆ Real-time software / hardware output alarm, a variety of alarm window mode;

◆ Alarm duration: 10ms ~ 60000ms, step 1ms;

◆ Integration of automated formation of test reports (including the number of tests, the number of qualified and unqualified);

◆ Automatic recording shows the number of defects and their location;

◆ Power: 180-240V(-20% ~ +20%)50HZ±10% Ambient temperature:-20—55℃;Environmental humidity:≤85%;

◆ Each flaw detector installation plane:550×1000mm2,the signal line to the side wall, the bottom can be,

◆ Gain ratio:(X/Y)0.1~10.0;
◆ Adjustable probe drive (excitation) Level:1~16 ;
◆ Fast digital balance;

◆ Filtering factor:0-30000;

◆ With head, end of the signal cut off function;

◆ Blanking display coefficient:1~400;

◆ Digital filtering: low-pass (0Hz ~ 2000Hz) high-pass (0Hz ~ 2000Hz); the use of professional "digital filter", effectively suppress the scene interference signal to ensure the accuracy and stability of detection;

◆ Stability: 16 hours≦2dB;

◆ Non - equal amplitude, asymmetrical phase alarm area setting;

◆ A variety of display: A impedance, time base, B-scan, eight-frequency;

◆ Sound and light alarm output;

◆ With a delay marking, fixed length marking;

◆ Internal and external clock selection;

◆ an store a large number of various testing procedures and test data;

◆ Eddy current signal playback expansion function, measuring the amplitude of the defect, phase, digital value;

◆ Display: solid line, blanking;

◆ Chinese and English operating language, online help;

◆ Cartesian coordinate system and polar coordinate system background selection;

◆ With configuration analysis

◆ With the screen shows the pipeline in service in the seized view of the subject, the inspection of the pipe's ranks, as well as eddy current detection signal

◆ Grade mark pipe cross-section diagram, the formation of in-service pipe eddy current detection profile

◆ Grading statistical test results (tabular and histogram display), facilitate the cumulative analysis of test results

◆ Optional data analysis system

◆ Automatic calendar, time display

◆ Operating temperature: 0 ℃ ~ +45 ℃, storage temperature: -20 ℃ ~ +50 ℃, relative humidity: ≤ 85%;

◆ Dimensions and weight:350*250*350mm (L*W*H),Weight:3kg.

Application areas
◆ Nuclear energy, electricity, oil, chemicals, metallurgy and other in-service testing, university teaching, all kinds of laboratories, special equipment and other industries.
onfiguration instructions

◆ Host: Multi-channel multi-channel intelligent digital eddy current detector host

◆ Probes and accessories: According to the user material, specifications, shape custom

◆ Standard test block (optional or customize)

◆ Automatic control module (optional)

Instructions for use: one copy

◆ Warranty card: one copy

◆ Product list: one copy


Optional block



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