Ultrasonic Through Coating Thickness Gauge TG4100 , 5MHz Echo To Echo

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Ultrasonic Through Coating Thickness Gauge TG4100 , 5MHz Echo To Echo

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Product Details

Ultrasonic Through Coating Thickness Gauge TG4100, ultrasonic thickness gauge, thickness meter, NDT




Display                       128X64 Pixel LCD with backlight

Measuring range     (in two function modes of Standard mode and through coating mode) Standard mode                                           3.0 mm-- 25.0 mm in steel depending on the probe

                                       Special request can reach measuring range up to 500mm

Through coating mode   2.5 mm – 18.0 mm  (Probe PT-08 and PT-12 )

Tolerance                       +/-0.05 mm in steel

Display resolution         0.01 mm( Less than 100.0 mm )  0.1mm( over 100 mm )

Built-in standard block   4.00 mm

Memory              500 datas in 5 groups, memory does not lose after powering off

Velocity range                1000-9999 m/s

Power                     2 pcs 1.2 V AAA batteries

Outside dimension         149X73X32 mm

Net Weight           160 g




- Automatic self-calibration

- Couplant indicator

- Automatic power off in 5 minutes and manual power off function

- High-low limit alarm

- LCD brightness adjustable

- Through coating capability

- Low battery indicator

- Two points calibration

- Metric/imperial optional

- Dataview for PC communication





Ultrasonic Through Coating Thickness Gauge TG4100 main unit with through coating mode

Hard carrying case

Couplant bottle

Standard 8 mm, 5 MHz probe PT-08 with cable (through coating mode)

Dataview CD and communication cable




4 stepssteel test block

7 stepsmetrics steel test block

5 MHz, 4 mm contact probe

10 MHz, 4 mm, contact probe

5 MHz high temp. probe

Probe cables

Water proof housing


PROBE OPTIONAL For Digital Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge TG4100


Probe model         Frequency  Contact area  Testing Range (steel)   Contact Temp.

Cast iron probe ZT-12   2MHz     16.2mm         4.0-300.0mm     --10--60℃

Standard probe PT-12   5MHz     12mm          1.0-200.0mm     --10--60℃

Standard probe PT-08   5MHz     10mm          0.8-100.0mm     --10--60℃

Small probe PT-06     7.5MHz    7.6mm          0.8-30.0mm      --10--60℃

Small probe PT-04     10MHz     5mm           0.8-20.0mm      --10--60℃

High temp probe GT-12  5MHz      14mm          4.0-80.0mm      up to 300℃

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