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Stable Performance Tool Steel Bar 1.2311 / P20 Hot Rolled Plastic Mold Steel Plate

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Stable Performance Tool Steel Bar 1.2311 / P20 Hot Rolled Plastic Mold Steel Plate

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Product Details


Good Performance 1.2311/ P20 Hot Rolled Plastic Mold Steel Plate and Round Bar



3Cr2Mo, 1.2311, P20 mould steel Mechanical Properties


Hardness, Brinell (typical)300
Hardness, Rockwell C (typical)30
Tensile strength, ultimate965-1030 MPa
Tensile strength, yield827-862 MPa
Elongation at break (in 50 mm (2″))20.00%
Compressive strength862 MPa
Charpy impact (V-Notch)27.1-33.9 J
Poisson’s ratio0.27-0.30
Elastic modulus190-210 GPa




1, Features

a, Good hardness uniformity and polishing property,good machining properties.

b, Good integral machanical performance when under high temperature, high Corrosion resistance

c, Good heat-resistance and fatigue-resistance,very high mechanical behavior,cutting mechanical property.

d, Pre-hardened to HRC28-32, can be directly used on mould processing, shorten the construction period.

e, High putity and homogeneous structure of China's biggest ESR production base for its strict requirement in the whole process of exploitation, smelting, vacuum degassing, ESR, forging, annealing, inspection.


2, Equivalent Grades





3, 3Cr2Mo 1.2311 P20  Chemical Composition (Wt%)


Steel GradeCSiMnCrMoSP



4, Available Size (mm)


Plate Size(mm)Flat Bar Size(mm)Round Bar Size(mm)





5, Packing: Standard Export Packing or As per request






HEAT TREATMENT of 1.2311 P20 PDS-3 3CR2Mo


Forging: P20 plastic mould steel are forged at 1093°C (2000°F) down to 899°C (1650°F). Forging below 871°C (1600°F) is not recommended for these steels.


Annealing: Annealing takes place at 760-788°C (1400 to 1450°F) and then the steels are cooled slowly in the furnace at a temperature less than 4°C (40°F) per hour.



Stress Relieving: When dies are heavily machined, we recommend stabilising just before finish machining in order to relieve machining strains. Heat to 460-500°C. Soak well and allow to cool in the air.



Hardening: Heat the steel uniformly to 820-840°C until heated through. Quench in oil.



Tempering: Heat uniformly and soak at the tempering temperature for at least one hour per 25mm of section. Allow to cool in still air.



Carburising / Case Hardening: Tools produced from may be case hardened, which can achieve a surface hardness of 55 to 59 HRc.



Tufftriding: At 570ºC tufftriding of 1.2311 P20 PDS-3 3CR2Mo tool steel will give a surface hardness of approximately 700HV. Allowing two hours treatment the surface hard layer will be approximately 0.1mm.



Hard Chromium Plating: To avoid hydrogen embrittlement P20 should be tempered for 4 hours at 180°C for 4 hours after hard chromium plating



Flame / Induction Hardening: Flame or induction hardening of P20 will achieve a hardness of 50 to 55HRc. Air cooling is preferable, though smaller components may require forced cooling. Temper immediately after hardening.



Cold Working:P20 plastic mould steel are capable of being readily cold worked by using conventional tooling methods with the alloy in the annealed condition.



Welding: Conventional methods are used for welding of P20 plastic mould steel.



Forming: P20 plastic mould steel can be readily formed by conventional methods in the annealed condition.



Machinability: P20 plastic mould steel have excellent machinability at about 80% that of water hardening steels.



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