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Manual Hose Crimping Machine JK160H for 4-25mm

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Manual Hose Crimping Machine JK160H for 4-25mm

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Manual Hose Crimping Machine JK160H for 4-25mm

Serial:JK160H,Scroll Down for More Details
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More Hose Crimper,Hose Crimping Machine,Pipe Crimping Machine,Hose Swaging Machine,Hose SwagerManual Hose Crimping Machine JK160H for 4-25mm1. Mobile unit, hand pump hose crimping machine for small and medium size hoses, dedicated to workshops for hydraulics and agriculture machines, hardware stores, general resellers, etc.2. Compact, light weight, Available be used in service vans.
3. High crimping force for manual machine.
4. Visual signal when crimping size is reached.How to purchase the right Hose Crimping Machine
Please tell us what kind of hose to crimp, hydraulic hose, brake hose, air hose, industrial hose or others? the inner diameter range of the hose to crimp, also the outer diameter range of the ferrule for the hose to crimp? The machine you need is for continuous massive production or just for repair work or field work or other purposes? If any other specific details or design drawings or reference pictures about your needs, Pls tell us(EMAIL: junhanfly@gmail.com) or send it to us freely. Then we can accordingly recommend the suitable models to you soonest or customize the machine for your side.Parameters:Crimping Range (inside diameter of hose):4-25mm (or 1/6”~ 1" 3-braid or textile, 1" 2-spiral)
Scale accuracy: 0.02mm
Max opening without die70mm
Opening & closing±20mm
Sets of dies:8sets
Crimping Force:1600KN/160 TON
Rated Pressure: 31.5MPa
Dimension: (L*W*H):560*460*460 mm
Weight (without hydraulic oil): 52KGSStandard die sets


Die Length

Crimping Range


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