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Address: No. 1355 , Longgong South Road ,Chengdu Economic And Tech .& Dev. Zone , Sichuan ,China

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         Chengdu ZK Separation Technology Co., Ltd. is a specialized solid-liquid separation equipment company established by Chengdu West Petroleum Equipment Co., Ltd. according to the development needs. Relying on the technical experience of long-term infiltration and accumulation in many fields including petroleum, chemical engineering, tunnel engineering, sewage treatment, mining equipment, etc., we have developed the high-efficiency sewage concentration and dehydration treatment series centrifuge, alcohol production line alcohol stillage treatment series centrifuge, crude oil and kitchen waste harmless and resource-oriented treatment series three-phase centrifuge, medical extract treatment three-phase centrifuge, SOR three-phase sludge separation system, TDU waste sludge thermal desorption treatment system and other multi-field products and their complete sets of technology, and possess a number of inventions, utility models and appearance patents.


      ZK Separation always attaches much importance to the cultivation of talents in the chemical engineering and water treatment industries, and connects the frontier technologies such as mechanical analysis, materials science, fluid mechanics, aerodynamics, vibration isolation technology, automatic control technology, and sensor technology with the centrifuge industry. We have the teams of product R&D and manufacturing process engineers who have been working in the key enterprises of separation machinery industry for many years. On the basis of absorbing domestic and foreign advanced technology, and combined with the special features of production technology in various domestic application industries, we pay much attention to the industrial segmentation. We specialize in the design of petroleum, chemical engineering, coal chemical industry, steel, food, resin, fermentation, medicine, excess sludge of water supply and drainage, etc., completing the R&D, manufacturing and sales of dozens of products and auxiliary equipment including the solid-liquid two-phase, liquid-liquid-solid, solid-liquid-solid three-phase with different parameters explosion-proof centrifuge with flammable and explosive liquids as medium and the online real-time centrifuge with adjustable liquid layer. We have various unique techniques such as high-efficiency sewage concentration, dehydration treatment, three-phase separation of crude oil, kitchen waste, sludge and medical extract, wear-resistant energy-saving, explosion-proof sealing and interlock control. Our centrifuge has distinctive advantages including small covering area, simple process pipeline; high degree of automation; high safety protection measures; good on-site operating environment; strong material adaptability; and stable and reliable operation.

        Our Company has research facilities and testing benches with complete performance and intact data collection, and the professional production equipment and testing instruments ensure the high-volume, high-quality manufacturing capabilities.

      Over the years, our Company has been focusing on the acquisition of advanced equipment and the development of new technology. We have purchased advanced machining equipment from Germany, the United States, Japan and other countries. At present, we own more than 200 various modern processing equipment including processing centers of each link, CNC gantry milling, laser cutting machine, large-scale lathe, boring mill, high-precision grinding machine, plate shearing machine, bending machine, sand blasting and painting equipment, etc.


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City: chengdu
Province: sichuan
Country: china
Address: No. 1355 , Longgong South Road ,Chengdu Economic And Tech .& Dev. Zone , Sichuan ,China