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Professional Nd Yag Q - Switched Laser Tattoo , Fine Wrinkles Removal Beauty Equipment

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Professional Nd Yag Q - Switched Laser Tattoo , Fine Wrinkles Removal Beauty Equipment

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Professional Nd Yag Q - Switched Laser Tattoo , Fine Wrinkles Removal Beauty Equipment


Pigment removal of the king


Q laser beauty instrument YILIYA-1064QVYH is the latest research and development of the big Q laser instrument, the effect of the removal of the pigment of the good effect is odd, the end of the yellow brown spots, Tada mole, Ito mole and other pigment lesions are no longer a dream.
Active Q laser beauty instrument with special carbon powder in the treatment of head and let this laser beauty instrument is becoming the vervet doll and a white porcelain doll business.



Treatment theory 



The q switched nd yag laser radiates the light with a specific wavelength in high peak energy pulses hence the light penetrates into the tissue only for nanosecond.The light is absorbed by hte pigmentation and results in an instantaneous blast that is light blasting principle.The pigmentation particles are shattered into fragments some can be bounced out ot the skin and others can be splited into tiny particles that can be engulfed by phagocytes and deliminated by the llylmphatic system .


1064nm has the first hand-held long pulse laser generator in the world , it avoids the energy

 loosing because of the long distance transmission,and increase the life time of the machine ,

the skin can be protected during the treatment ,and higher energy density can reach the target 


1064nm combined with long pulse width, long wavelength and outstanding epidermis cooling,

 for deep color skin ,it’s for closing the vessels and hair follicles.






Experience doctors treat nevus of ota using excellent equipment the complications will be exceedingly rare however inflammatory hyperpigmentation and postoperative scar may occurr occasionally .







Macro strong initiative to adjust the Q laser beauty instrument 1064QTH laser beauty instrument output flat top hat pattern, energy distribution uniformity, the treatment results are good, the treatment is more safe, less pain
6ns pulse width, the treatment of a more mild pain, higher peak power, crushing the pigment is more complete, more mild skin damage;
The single pulse energy of 800mJ of the terminal of the light guide arm, and the removal of various skin diseases of the skin is more protection;
More stable after the configuration of the laser beam can be obtained, the doctors need to ensure the consistency of the treatment effect;
Q laser 1064QTH laser beauty instrument simple and easy to operate the human nature of the interface;





Laser type: ND:YAG Q laser

Laser wavelength: 532nm 1064nm
Pulse energy: 1000mJ@1064nm 420mJ@532nm

Pulse width: 6ns
Laser output: South Korean light arm

Spot diameter: 1-8mm continuous adjustable
Working frequency: 1-10Hz

Working voltage: AC220V 10%, AC110V 50Hz 10%, 60Hz



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