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Air Cooling Fractional Co2 Laser 10600nm Skin Tightening Machine 12.1" TFT

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Air Cooling Fractional Co2 Laser 10600nm Skin Tightening Machine 12.1" TFT

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Product Details

Air Cooling CO2 Fractional Laser 10600nm Skin Tightening , 12.1" TFT

Treatment Theory

Fractional laser light penetrates the skin with tiny thermal channels through the random scanning. This creates an ablative and thermal effect on only these channels (a micro-injury) without damaging the surrounding tissue. The tissue surrounding the micro-injury sites (about 15-20% of the treatment area) starts the process of healing. As collagen remodels, skin tightened, scars improved and pigmented lesions removed.


I Application Range of Fractional treatment handpiece:


1. Large pores, Fine lines, Skin tightening and whitening , Skin loosen (Deep Wrinkles), Stretch marks.

2. Various Scars: Burn Scars, Acne Scars, Surgical Scars and Keloid. Pigmented skin lesions: Chloasma, Freckles, Age spots, Sun spots, CAMLS.

3. Reconstruction of photoaging skin.


II Application Range of Incision Handpiece:


1. Via multiple handles it can be adapted to Gynecology, ENT, Neurology and general surgery.

2. In Cosmetic Surgery, it can be adapted to incisions for Blepharoplasty, Skin Tags and ingrown Nails, Compound Nevus and Intra Dermal Nevus etc.


1. Three modes of laser energy output are selective:Ultrapulse, CW and Fractional modes.

2. Adopt COHERENT RF-excited laser system enables the output quality more stable, more uniform, more consistent.(compared to ordinary CO2 laser installed with glass tubes)

3. Healing zone volume is adjustable, namely the volume of spots is adjustable in a certain healing zone.Therapists could adjust the spot density upon skin type, lesion parts and effectiveness requirement of different patients.

4. Various spot volumes are suitable for different area of the body which maximally avoid the side-effect that result from the overlap of the spot, reduce the pain during treatment, satisfy different therapists' unique request.

5. 12.1"TFT touch LCD, rotated 360 gives you a luxury enjoyment.

6. Reserved entry access for laser room ensures a safe treatment.

7. Comparing with existing traditional CO2 Sealed Glass Laser, RF excited CO2 lasts nearly permanently, therefore it deserves a higher initial cost which well be offset by a much lover total cost of ownership.

8. Variable focus tips can adust from 50um-2000um spot size which meet the need of surface or deep ablative of skin.




Laser Type

CHERNT RF-excited CO2laser



Beam Delivery

7-joint arm.

Maximum Output Power


Optical Beam Quality


Spot Size


Power Of The Aiming Beam


                Aiming Beam


            Scanning Mode

                  Randomized Scanning

        Laser Operating Mode

                  UltraPluse, CW, Fractional


                   Air Cooling

Pulse Energy

10mj-200mj(stepping :2mj)

Pulse Interval


                     Scan Area

5*5mm, 2.5*2.5mm , 1.25*1.25mm

30*30mm, 20*20mm, 10*10mm

Power Supply

AC 220V 50Hz/ AC 110V 60Hz

Dimensions (Before Packaged)


Dimensions (After Packaged)


Net Weight



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