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Professional Skin Care Water Oxygen Jet Machine , Oxygen Facial Machine

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Professional Skin Care Water Oxygen Jet Machine , Oxygen Facial Machine

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Professional Skin Care Water Oxygen Jet Machine , Oxygen Facial Machine



Water and Oxygen Jet Series is an effective acne treatment system, which mixes the water, medical oxygen and nutrition liquid completely, and in a speed of 200m/s spray out and act on skin. The mixture penetrates epidermis into deep dermis with 50-80μm tiny granules and cleans the follicle and sebaceous gland completely.





1, Acne clearance .

2, Skin whitening Skin texture improving.

3, Deep cleaning and nutrient replenishment to skin.

4, Alopecia seborrheic.

5, Folliculitis . 

6, Wrinkle reduction.





1. M206 is cost effective as a vertical Water & Oxygen Jet machine

2. Unique inner air supply system guarantees the security and stability of air output

3. Air output adjustment system accurately controls the output flow and pressure of liquid for different treatment parts

4. Air switch easily transfers air supply from Air Compressor or Medical Oxygen Tank

5. The inner Air Compressor can offer 0-10KG air output pressure to meet the need of treatment

6. Being natural, healthy and fresh, Water & Oxygen Jet treatment replenishes the skin with oxygen and nutrients, and gives you a clean and young skin 




Treatment Handle

 O-I handle(M206)

Dimensions(before Packaged)


Dimensions(After Packaged)


Air  Source

 Air  Compressor&Oxygen  Tank

Power  Supply

AC220V 50Hz /AC110V 60HZ

Spray  Speed


Diameter  of  water  fog


Security  Standard


Net  Weight


Gross   Weight



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