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Ultra Thin Travertine Stone Honeycomb Composite Panels 900 X 1500mm

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Ultra Thin Travertine Stone Honeycomb Composite Panels 900 X 1500mm

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900 x 1500 Sized With Customized Thickness Travertine Stonehoneycomb Panel



Product Description


a. Travertine Stone Honeycomb Ceiling Panel for Old Building Renovation with Surface Polished is a type of stone honeycomb panel with a travertine stone veneer on the surface. The product is widely used as the ceiling panels because it is light weight, high strength and easy installation.


b. The old buildings are not strong enough to sustain the heavy weight of solid stone because they were built many years ago based on that period's technology and building materials. However, they cannot be rebuilt for various of reasons such as culturally protected buildings, geographically limited buildings and so on.


c. For the building appearance reason, those buildings have to be renovated to fit with the surroundings. Then the travertine stone honeycomb panel is a good choice for the renovation project.


d. First of all, it is light-weight. Therefore, the overall load of the building can be decreased greatly to meet with its limited wall strength.


e. Second, because of its easy installation property, there is no strict supporting installation facilities required which is suitable for limited geographical positions.


Stone Description:


Travertine, also known as hole stone, belongs to limestone and marble. It is usually creamy or light red and is made of calcite from hot springs. As the water flowed out from the pile of deposited lime mud, the calcium in the lime mud was dissolved and accumulated again. There are many holes in these deposits. These holes can be stored and absorbed. These holes need to be filled with synthetic resin or cement, otherwise a lot of maintenance work is required.


Travertine is a form of limestone deposited by mineral springs, especially hot springs. Travertine often has a fibrous or concentric appearance and exists in white, tan, cream-colored, and even rusty varieties. It is formed by a process of rapid precipitation of calcium carbonate, often at the mouth of a hot spring or in a limestone cave. In the latter, it can form stalactites, stalagmites, and other speleothems. It is frequently used in Italy and elsewhere as a building material.


Stone Honeycomb Panel


1.The ultra-thin stone honeycomb composite panels are innovated because of the limited natural stone resources and its application restrict. It is a new type of building materials with a better impact resistance than the ordinary natural stone is with a weight of only 16 kg, is only 1/6 of the weight of its original natural stone slide but the compressive strength is 6 times more than the original stone slices.


2.Completely overcomed the natural stone’s defects on weight, fragile and other aspects, it provides a more superior performance and wide application field as a new generation building material. Ultra-thin stone honeycomb composite panel is simply bonded with an about 3mm ~ 5mm thick stone sheet and an aluminum honeycomb substrate with a special purpose adhesive. It not only saves the stone material and reduces the weight of finished products, but reflects better in the stone effect. Based on these, there is a large demand from the market.


The advantages of the stone honeycomb panel:


No.PropertiesDetailed Description
1Light weightThe marble veneer for the marble composite panel with aluminium plastic panel can be only 3 ~ 5mm thick. Commonly used composite panel with tiles or granite is only with a thickness of about 12mm. It saves much cost at least on the transportation. Accordingly, it is the best choice for the use on the building with a load limit.
2high strengthMarble sandwiched with the tiles, granite, aluminum honeycomb panels and other composite, the bending and fracture resistance, shear strength were significantly improved, which greatly reduce the breaking rate during transportation, installation and use.
3Improved anti-pollution abilityRegular original marble plate will change color or with dirty pollution on the surface if using the cement wet pasting. While for the composite panel, as the dense and hard substrate and the glue film, the above mentioned situation will not happen.
4Easier to control color differenceThe marble veneer used on the marble composite panels is three or four times more than the original plate. Therefore, the color and pattern can be 3 or 4 times more the same as the original marble plate.
5Easy installationDepending on the above characteristics, the efficiency and safety and costs of the installation process are greatly improved.
6Break the restricted areaThe original marble plate can be used on the inside and outside wall, ground, windowsill, porch, desktop, etc. But for the ceiling, no decoration company will take risk to use no matter it is marble or granite. The aluminum-plastic backed marble panels or aluminum honeycomb backed marble panel can break through the restricted area of stone honeycomb panel. Because it is very light that the weight of the whole body is only 1/5 to 1/10 of the original plate so that it is capable of being used on the ceiling.
7Sound insulation and moisture-proofAn aluminum honeycomb backed stone panel transcends the properties of the original stone panel on the sound insulation, moisture and heat insulation and cold insulation performance because of the honeycomb structure.
8Energy savingFurther to the above mentioned, Stone aluminum honeycomb panel, after installation in the indoor and outdoor, can greatly reduce the consumption of electricity and heat.
9Cut costsDue to thin and light stone composite material, it can save costs on transportation and installation. Furthermore, the finished composite stone panel will be more cost-efficient than their original plate.





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