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Water Jet Cut Marble Stone Honeycomb Mosaic Tile For Raised Floor Module

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Water Jet Cut Marble Stone Honeycomb Mosaic Tile For Raised Floor Module

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Product Details

Water Jet Cut Marble Stone Honeycomb Mosaic Tile for Raised Floor Module


Product Description


Water Jet Cut Marble Stone Honeycomb Mosaic Tile for Raised Floor Module use is a water jet cut marble stone pieces jointed together into special pattern for the decoration use which should be produced and packed as per the following processes:


First, stone parquet processing:


Processing process: palette → parquet use panel cutting → waterjet cutting pattern → try spelling → parquet bonding → milling, polishing → packaging, transportation


1) palette: Palette process is extremely important, directly related to the effect of finished pattern. As natural stone’s property,there is color difference even on the same panel.Therefore, it is extremely critical to take care the color difference, pattern and flatness. According to the pie chart, the amount of stone needed for each type of stone should be calculated and the amount of each stone required should be selected from the warehouse.10% margin for material lose should be preserved. The color, texture and flatness of each stone,should be comformed with the relevant provisions of the national decoration industry.


2) Original board cutting: selected stone may be cut at automatic infrared cutting equipment, according to the required specification.


3) water jet cutting pattern: computer-aided drawing software (CAD) and computer numerical control programming software (CNC) (CNC machine tools) are used to finalized the NC program to control the water jet cutting machine to cut out those patterns of variety of materials.


4) trial jointing: In order to prevent parquet dimentional errors, processing errors and color difference which may lead to stone parquet can not be adhered or parquet after the completion of the bonding can not be repaired, therefore cause stone waste, so the parquet before bonding should be trial jointed.


5) parquet bonding: the parquet can be bonded after confirming the spelling is correct. The cutted single stone panels should be placed in order in accordance with the design of the pattern.Firstly with a special stone glue on parquet bonding, and then cover a fiber mesh over the entire stone parquet on the back with resin. The net and the stone panel should be bonded smoothly later to strengthen the parquet board. If there is flaw during the board processing, repair and pointing is needed. Using epoxy resin, stone powder and pigment uniformly mixed into the repaired stone color,the gap of the stone parquet should be repaired.


6) edging, grinding and polishing: as a result of artificial spell, there will be dislocation along with the horizontal and vertical directions for the stone honeycomb parquet panel.The parquet edging around the board and its surface are needed to be polished after the glue is dried. As the workers’ performance, glue performance and the stone property, the finished marble stone honeycomb panel parquet should be grinded and polished.


There are two steps for the panel grinding and polishing as follow:


1) Rough grinding

2) Fine grinding


7) packaging and transportation: when the waxing and polishing for the marble stone honeycomb parquet is completed, the finished product should be numbered and packed.


The advantages of the stone honeycomb panel:


No.PropertiesDetailed Description
1Light weightThe marble veneer for the marble composite panel with aluminium plastic panel can be only 3 ~ 5mm thick. Commonly used composite panel with tiles or granite is only with a thickness of about 12mm. It saves much cost at least on the transportation. Accordingly, it is the best choice for the use on the building with a load limit.
2high strengthMarble sandwiched with the tiles, granite, aluminum honeycomb panels and other composite, the bending and fracture resistance, shear strength were significantly improved, which greatly reduce the breaking rate during transportation, installation and use.
3Improved anti-pollution abilityRegular original marble plate will change color or with dirty pollution on the surface if using the cement wet pasting. While for the composite panel, as the dense and hard substrate and the glue film, the above mentioned situation will not happen.
4Easier to control color differenceThe marble veneer used on the marble composite panels is three or four times more than the original plate. Therefore, the color and pattern can be 3 or 4 times more the same as the original marble plate.
5Easy installationDepending on the above characteristics, the efficiency and safety and costs of the installation process are greatly improved.
6Break the restricted areaThe original marble plate can be used on the inside and outside wall, ground, windowsill, porch, desktop, etc. But for the ceiling, no decoration company will take risk to use no matter it is marble or granite. The aluminum-plastic backed marble panels or aluminum honeycomb backed marble panel can break through the restricted area of stone honeycomb panel. Because it is very light that the weight of the whole body is only 1/5 to 1/10 of the original plate so that it is capable of being used on the ceiling.
7Sound insulation and moisture-proofAn aluminum honeycomb backed stone panel transcends the properties of the original stone panel on the sound insulation, moisture and heat insulation and cold insulation performance because of the honeycomb structure.
8Energy savingFurther to the above mentioned, Stone aluminum honeycomb panel, after installation in the indoor and outdoor, can greatly reduce the consumption of electricity and heat.
9Cut costsDue to thin and light stone composite material, it can save costs on transportation and installation. Furthermore, the finished composite stone panel will be more cost-efficient than their original plate.





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