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Treadplate Surface Aluminum Honeycomb Panels Aerospace Industry Use Edge Exposed

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Treadplate Surface Aluminum Honeycomb Panels Aerospace Industry Use Edge Exposed

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Product Details

Treadplate Surface Aluminium Honeycomb Panel with the Edge Exposed for Indoor Decoration


Product Description


The treadplate surface aluminum honeycomb panel is with an aluminum honeycomb structure and treadplate surface.


There are generally two types treadplates materials used for our production:


Aluminum manganese alloy treadplate plate: Using the A3003 as the main raw material, the treadplate aluminium honeycomb panel is processed also known as antirust aluminum plate. The strength is slightly higher than that of ordinary aluminum treadplate pattern plate, which has rust resistance, but the hardness and corrosion resistance is less than 5000 series of decorative pattern plate, so the product application is on the areas where antirust performance is not so strict, such as freight trains, floor in refrigerator and so on.

Aluminum magnesium alloy decorative plates: it is processed in 5052 or 5083 aluminum plates, with good corrosion resistance, hardness and rust resistance. They are usually applied in special places, such as ship, carriage lamp, wet environment etc. Such aluminum plate has a high hardness and certain bearing capacity.


General Description


Aluminum honeycomb panel is a bonded sandwich structure system of two surface aluminium plates and one honeycomb cores with a special purpose adhesive. Industrial used aluminium honeycomb panel will add some more processes such as surface treatment, edging, embedding, carving and so on to make the panel suitable for special conditions. It has been widely used by the industries of civil construction, transportation, exhibition, signage, elevator, clean room etc. The honeycomb technology is from aerospace technology. The whole production process is finished in the modern factory, using hot pressing or vacuum pressing technology. Due to the high thermal conductivity between the aluminum plates and honeycomb, it is synchronized the thermal expansion and contraction of the inside and outside aluminium material. There are small holes on the honeycomb core foil wall so that the air is free of flowing inside the panel box. Furthermore, sliding mounting buckle system does not cause structural deformation during thermal expansion and contraction.




The center material is aluminum hexagonal honeycomb with a small density (about 3 to 7 kg per square meter), about 1/5 of the weight of wood with the same area and thickness, 1/6 of the glass, 1/7 of solid aluminium, which greatly reduced the building load and construction cost. Thanks to the air contained in the core, the panel can be sound and thermal insulated. Because of no combustible material contained, the fire rating can be at least B1 level. The panel performs well also on waterproof, moisture-proof, no harmful gas release, with a high unit mass of the specific strength and stiffness, not easy to deformation, completely overcoming the collapse and deformation in the center area if with large panel. The panel edge can be cut depending on real conditions. The PVDF coating can guarantee the product life more than 30 years.


After surface treated with corrosion resistant fluorocarbon resin, it can be widely used on curtain wall, roof, large façade, signs and interior decoration. The front plate of the aluminum honeycomb panel is painted with E. C. C. A. quality standards PVDF fluorocarbon paint with ordinary color or metallic color, so the surface has excellent weather resistance.


In case of heavy rain, there is particularly large noise when the raindrops hit the aluminum veneer or aluminum-plastic panel, while honeycomb panel can avoid this situation. Aluminum honeycomb panels are generally made of fluorocarbon coated aluminum plates. The continuous roller coating with PVDF material is the most important point to avoid color difference and flat coating film. Based on this, it can keep the exterior building with bright color for long time.


Mechanical Properties


Unit theory weight kg/m25.45.65.75
Tensile strengthE8N/mm2806598455
Endurance capacityE8N/mm2531405279
Bending rigidityC393X106N.mm28.0315.438.44
Bend elasticity rate N/mm2500004060038.44
Temeprature total extension coefficientD696X10-6N/℃
Heat conduction rateD976Kcal/mhr℃
Heat transform temperatureD648200200200
Bonding strengthC297 121212
Surtace smoothness1mm/M.Maximum deviation:1mm/M
Flame retardabt propertyNonflammable,match relevant fire resistance standard
Soundproof functionBe decided by layout of printed sheet installation angle,0-3dB




(1) building external curtain wall panel

(2) interior decoration works

(3) billboards

(4) ship building

(5) aviation manufacturing industry

(6) indoor partition and commodity display stand

(7) Commercial vehicle and container truck body

(8) bus, train and subway use

(9)With strict environmental requirements of the modern furniture industry, aluminum honeycomb panel is an ideal material to produce furniture. Depending on Its completely non-toxic green quality, it is not necessary for the furniture manufacturers to process environmental procedures. In addition, the surface veneer for aluminum honeycomb panels can be diversified such as solid wood, aluminum, gypsum board, natural marble etc

(10) aluminum honeycomb panel partition: the emergence of aluminum honeycomb panel partition breaks the traditional partition mode, with a noble and fresh style.



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