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Hejian Deris Petroleum Drilling Equipment Co.,Ltd

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Hejian Deris Petroleum Drilling Equipment Co.,Ltd

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 Hejian Deris Petroleum Drilling Equipment Co.,Ltd


Applicationproducts of we manufacture 
TrenchlessTricone Bit( steel tooth , TCI bit)
 PDC Drill Bit (matrix body , steel body)
No-digStep Drag Bit(3 wings,4 wings)
 HDD Reamers(Hole opener) with replaceable cutters (cones)
Oil Well BitsMud motors (downhole motors),Swivels,connectors (crossover subs)
Mining BitsSingle cutters/tricone cones/cutters, Drill pipe,drill rod
Water Well BitsRock reamer,
Geothermal BitsOpen reamer,Barrel reamer, Rock Auger,fluted reamer
Environmental BitsDiamond Core Bits:PDC diamond bit with Natural diamond ,Thermal Stable Polycrystalline (TSP), combination
Construction BitsStabilier,Bit breakers,Bit subs, Nozzles
Exploration Bits 
Blast Hole BitOther related tools: Oil Vibrating Sieving Mesh, Mud Hydrometer,pin and box tap,Slips,Elevator
 Downhole Motor(Mud Motor),Power Driver,Flow Channel Reamer,Hop Reamer.Cavity Probe

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Company Name: Hejian Deris Petroleum Drilling Equipment Co.,Ltd
Country: china