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Address: 7th,Tower1,No1,HaiYingRoad,FengTai Science Park,FengTai District,Beijing,China

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HiWING Mechanical & Electrical Technology Corp.

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HIWING Mechanical & Electrical Technology Corp., Ltd.,subordinated to the HIWING Technology Academy ofCASIC, is a comprehensive company engaging in the international trade and domestic market expansion for the civil-military integration industry. It provides professional services such as sales of civilian products, international cooperation, technical exchange, consulting service, business negotiation and project contracting. It is an industry and trade marketing platform of the HIWING Technology Academy of CA

The Third Academy of CASIC, founded in 1961, is a diversified enterprise based  on the aerospace technology. As the main force in China aerospace industry, Which has different advanced expertise in system integration & design, dynamical system, inertial navigation, radar measurement & control, optoelectronic information, special materials, industrial computer design and so on.

While being dedicated to creating world-class Aviation Academy , the Third Academy of CASIC aims to provide more intelligent, green and safety products and services to our global customers by continuously pushes the development of aerospace technology and extends it to various fields, such as: Electric power, Petroleum geologic equipment , Information and photoelectric technology, Aerial Projects and products manufacture, Industrial equipment and automation, Innovated material and Modern service industry .

The Third Academy of CASIC has participated in many key projects such as the manned spacecraft and lunar explosion program, the torch of the Mount Everest in 2008 Olympic Games, and some security engineering projects of Olympic venues. Also, CASIC won the bidding of multipurpose impulse voltage generator in the high-tension laboratory of Quebec Canada, and successfully built the Donghai Bridge pipeline engineering with steel skeleton plastic composite pipes.

Over the years, we stick to the standard of the aerospace industry engineering system and quality control requirements; actively carry out international communication and cooperation in multiple levels and fields. At present, HiWING Mechanical & Electrical Technology Corp., Ltd has established many partners around the world. In the future, We will try our best to be an excellent system integrator.

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Company Name: HiWING Mechanical & Electrical Technology Corp.
City: beijing
Province: beijing
Country: china
Address: 7th,Tower1,No1,HaiYingRoad,FengTai Science Park,FengTai District,Beijing,China