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Introduction to Products

Country/Region China
City & Province Zhengzhou Henan
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The company’s products include faucets, bathroom accessories, cast iron bathtubs, steel sheet bathtubs, acrylic bathtubs, massage bathtubs, computery steam cabinets, shower bath booth, glass basins, toilet fittings, self-closing delay action flushing valves, dressing mirrors, sensor sanitary wares, kitchen fittings, electrical appliances, bathroom separators, ceramic tiles, etc
1.Faucets Series
The trunk of the faucet to be casted of fine copper and electroplated with five layers. The core made of porcelain.Some faucets with classical design, some with peculiar European styles, some with simple and graceful lines, some with clear edges and corners.
2.Bathroom Accessories Series
Mainly covering bath towel shelves, towel bars, bath curtain , bath curtain rail, clothes lines, bathtub handrails, paper holders, towel rings, clothes hooks, soap dishes, soap dispensers, tumbler holders, sundries rack…etc.
3.Cast Iron Bathtubs series
To be made of cast iron and coated with AA grade glaze.Brilliant looking, smooth feeling and easy to wash.
4. Steel Plate Bathtubs Series
To be shaped by punching and glazed 3 layers on the surface.
Smooth glaze layer, light weight, easy to transport and install, and well assorted.
5. Acrylic Bathtubs Series
Vacuum shaped. To be designed on human body shapes. Comfortable and various styles. Orders with special specifications can be acceptable.
6. Massage Bathtubs Series
To be made of high polymer. Well assorted with unique styles, and with multi-functions.
7. Computery Steam Cabinets Series
To be made of acrylic plates, matched with high quality accessories and controlled by integrated circuits, with functions of steam bath , floating shower bath, pinpoint shower on top or in all directions, foot massage, FM radio and CD player, air circulation, automatic disinfection, herb fuming, and inside illumination.
8. Shower Bath Boothes Series
To be made of toughened glass and thickened aluminum alloy which is coated with lacquer or treated by oxygenation . Many colours for choice. Simplified or luxurious as you like .
9. Artistic Glass Washbasins Series
To be made of colourful toughened glass to meet your requirements for decoration.
10. Toilet Series
To be made of Kaolin clay and glaze powder, and fired under the temperature of 1300℃. Some with two shifts of flooding 3 to the maximum of 6 litres of water.Spray and siphonage or direct drainage to be adopted to match traditional European Style. Superlarge diameter of drainpipe. Fine and smooth surface.
11. Lavatories Series
Both traditional above or under board styles and abstract to be suitable for personal residences or
12. Sanitary Equipments With Sensors Series
Automatic controlled drainage with high-tech design to be used for toilets, faucets, shower sprayers,
drop drips and etc.
13. Delayed Self-closing Drainage Systems Series
The drainage time is adjusted on the basis of water pressure. A specific valve can be installed to prevent counter current contamination.
14. Dressing Mirrors Series
Plane mirror with different shapes. Magnifying glass for beauty treatment.
15. Bathroom Electric Appliances Series
Hand dryer, hair dryer, light and heat radiator …etc.
16. Bathroom Seperators
Moistureproof pressed wooden board matched with stainless steel or nylon accessories to come to environmental protection standards.
17.Complete Sets of Cupboard Moisture proof wooden board for the body. Trimer board, coating board, or fireproof board for the door.Artificial made stone for the platform.

Based on the tenet of sincerity with high prestige, cooperation for mutual benefit . Hilton Asia Co., Ltd has set up fixed cooperative relations with customers throughout the country as well as all over the world. It has won more and more friends, trust and support. We strongly wish to strengthen friendship and to expand cooperation with business partners.

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The company’s products include faucets, bathroom accessories, cast iron bathtubs, steel sheet ...
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