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Address: No.312 Jinglihua Business Building, Park Road, baoan 31 district, Shenzhen

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Hans Innovation Group

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    Hans Innovation Group (HIG) is a registered in Brisbane, Australia, attached to Griffith University high-tech company in Australia, is a doctor and professor and senior engineers and other professionals constitute a team of technological innovation .
  Shenzhen HanShiXin Technology Development Co., Ltd. (HIG-tech) was set up product design and business development for registered company in Shenzhen China, committed to speaker (Vibration speaker) product development and production.
  Vibration speaker (Vs) is a new product, the principle and the traditional piston-style speakers and flat speakers (NXT) is different from the structure of speakers, The Vs is driven media surface (desk, glass, cardboard, etc.) to vibration sound. Driven in the Vs, the resonance vibration of the media point to the source surface to the heart, the audio transmission to the surrounding infinite vibration, in the medium to produce uniform strength of two sides of the sound waves, so that the driven side of the desktop media, glass, cardboard and other play the melodious music, of which the wood desktop effects especially good.
  HIG-tech accumulated many years of industry experience, has acquired the company involved in a number of proprietary subject areas and key technology, first developed in the international community with independent intellectual property rights "Attached active audio vibration sound module," and developed the world"s first production of a number of patents, specifically with the phone (MP3) such use, may be worn as decoration "badge vibration speaker." Which speakers to form new, small and beautiful, mellow sound, whispered Chunhou so loved by the majority of young people, but also as a friend to provide a greater imagination and entertainment space.
  HIG in the company founder Dr. Hans Tang & Dr. Weidong Guo"s lead, has been dedicated to geotechnical engineering and engineering design platform for large-scale surveys, environmental monitoring, research and development of digital instruments, designed and manufactured the world"s first standard concentration liquid organic gas generator and the world"s leading digital multi-gas calibration smart MEMS gas sensor from (AI MEMS Sensor).
  HIG can provide customers from product design to production of full service. After constantly updated management ideas and technology structure, has formed a scale, series, personalized R & D and production patterns, fully meet the needs of customers in different directions.  

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Company Name: Hans Innovation Group
Bussiness Type: Manufacturer,Trading Company,Seller
Market: Worldwide
City: shenzhen
Province: guangdong
Email: ruby@higtech.net
Fax: 86-755-27840101
Country: china
Address: No.312 Jinglihua Business Building, Park Road, baoan 31 district, Shenzhen