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Combined Standard Electrical Power Calibrator , Energy Meter Calibration Equipment

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Product Details

Combined Standard Source and Meter Reference AC DC Three Phase Testing Calibration System

It Is Composed Of Program Control Three Phase Standard Source, DC Standard Source, Three Phase Sampling Type Multifunctional Standard Meter, And Computer With Standard Table And Management Software Installed.


1 semi-automatically or manually test the basic error of a variety of power frequency meters (voltmeter,ammeter, power meter, frequency meter, power factor meter, phase meter), and test the change value cause by influence of voltage, current, waveform and power factor

2 can automatically measure the basic errors of electric transducers (voltage transducer, current transducer, power transducer, frequency transducer, power factor transducer), and the change value caused by influence of votalge, current, waveform and power factors etc

3 can generate distortion wave with 2~31 order harmonic, harmonic number, order, amplitude and phase to fundamental wave all can be program controlled

4 Power amplifier’s working frequency 40Hz~1KHz, good linearity. Current power amplifier is constant-current source, and voltage power amplifier is constant-voltage source

5 Testing by PC automatic control or manual control, capaple of data analyzing and managing

6 Auto calibrate energy meters

Technical Indicators

1. AC output voltage current

   Voltage range: 10,20,50,100,200,400,600V

   Current range: 0.1,0.25,0.5,1,2.5,5,10,25,50,100

   Regulation range: 0~120%( but 800V,100A: 105% )

   Regulation fineness: 0.005%

   Output voltage current power stability: ≤0.01%/60s

   maximum output capacity of voltage per phase: 50VA

   maximum output capacity of current per phase: 100VA

   sine wave output distortion: ≤0.3%

2. Output phase

   Phase drift of current to the same voltage: 0.000~359.990

   Regulation fineness: 0.010

3. output frequency

   Regulation range: 45~65Hz

   Setting value accuracy : 5×10-5
4. Distortion wave output

   Harmonic order: 2-31

   Harmonic numbers contented at the same time: 0~30

   Harmonic amplitude: total harmonic peak-peak value, should not be more than 50% of fundamental wave rated value (voltage current range, expressed in peak-peak value), besides, distortion wave peak-peak value including fundamental wave should not be more than 125% of fundamental wave rated value.

Phase drift of each order harmonic to fundamental wave( fundamental wave positive zero crossing as reference): 0~360°

5. Three phase angle symmetry

   Three phase four line: between the phase voltage: 1200±0.20

   Three phase three line: UAB is UCB lagging behind 600±0.20

6. DC output voltage ( auxiliary range not included)

   Range: mV:100,300

7. DC output current ( auxiliary range not included)


8. DC output capacity: maximum 30W

9. DC output regulation range and fineness

   Range: 0~120% ( but voltage 1000V, current 30A: 105%)

   Fineness: 0.002%

10. DC output accuracy: 0.05%

11. stability of DC full range output: ≤±0.01% RG/1min

12. error caused by ripple and noise voltage: ≤±0.01% RG

13. error caused by loading change of no-load to full-load: ≤±0.01% RG

14. device accuracy class: 0.05

   1) allowed measuring error of U I /active power: (5V≤U≤1000V,0.1A≤I≤100A) 0.05%

   2) allowed measuring error of active power energy: (25V≤U≤800V, 0.1A≤I≤100A) 0.05%

   3) allowed measuring error of reactive power/energy: 0.1%

   4) phase measuring error: ±0.050

   5) power factor measuring error: ±0.0002

15. Power supply: Single phase 220V±10%, 50HZ±5%

16 .working environment: temperature 200℃±100℃, relative humidity ≤85%RH

17. dimension and weight: 1800×800×750mm3, 135kg

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