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Address: Room 803, Chuangye Bulding #1, Jiangda Road, Jiangan District, Wuhan, Hubei, China, 430012

Contact name:Vicky Liu

Wuhan Newradar Special Gas Co.,Ltd

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About Us

Wuhan Newradar Special Gas Company Limited Was founded with the help of professionals from abroad who has more than 25 years experience in gas industry. They introduced the gas products with high quality, advanced technology services and philosophy of quality management from America.


It is located in Wuhan and is specialized in manufacturing electronic gas, high purity gas and kinds of specialty gas and types of steel cylinders, valves and pressure regulators.

For high purity gas, we are long-term supplier of hydrogen chloride gas, helium gas, krypton gas, neon gas, xenon gas, ammonia gas, fluorine gas, Octafluorocyclobutane gas, sulfur hexafluoride gas, trifluoromethane gas, methane, carbon monoxide gas, pure silane gas and silane gas mixture.

We can supply complete spectrum of gas products with various specified purities: Atmospheric Gases: Argon, Nitrogen, Oxygen,Rare Gases: Neon, Krypton, Xenon, Helium, Hydrogen.Gases & Mixture for Specialty Application: Medical Gases, Semiconductor Gases, Specialty Gases.


With an experienced and professional team, we have exported our products to many countries and regions all over the world, especially North America, South America, East Europe, West Europe, Southeast Asia and the Middle East. Our products enjoy great popularity among our customers.


Wuhan Newradar Special Gas Co., Ltd. has formed a strategic layout of supply through Constant  development and efforts for more than 10 years and actively explored in emerging industries. We continuously strengthen internal management, optimize the process of customer service, innovate the pattern of customer service and improve the quality of customer service with the service concept of “focus on customer needs and providing fast service”. We are trying to achieve rapid development of the company in order to become one of the major import and export companies in the gas industry.


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Company info

Company Name: Wuhan Newradar Special Gas Co.,Ltd
City: wuhan
Province: hubei
Country: china
Address: Room 803, Chuangye Bulding #1, Jiangda Road, Jiangan District, Wuhan, Hubei, China, 430012