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Plastic / ABS Homemade Commercial Soda Water Maker Food Grade Red

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Plastic / ABS Homemade Commercial Soda Water Maker Food Grade Red

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City & Province shanghai shanghai
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Product Details

CE&TUV Certificated Commercial Soda Water Maker Filling Machine, 2017 Hot Sale Soda Making​
CE&TUV Certificated commercial soda water maker

Commercial Soda Water Maker

Water capacity
Working pressure(bar)
Testing pressure(bar)
food grade
1. Standard: 84/526/EEC.

2. Maximum permissible filling weight: 0.42KG.

3. Using temperature range of the cylinder: -40 ℃~+50℃.
4. Packaging Detailis:Color box of Soda Maker Machine by commercial soda water maker.
5. 1-30 days according to order quantity.



♦ Most of the soda sold on the market is in the purified drinking water pressure into carbon dioxide,

and the addition of sweeteners and flavors of synthetic carbonated drinks.


♦ In fact, like Coca-Cola. This is not called soda, soda (soda is an aqueous solution of sodium bicarbonate), can only be called, carbonated water.


♦ Electrolytic water machine before it is decomposed to filter it, so first of all it is not contaminated



♦ But more importantly, alkaline water is a basic food, can change our unhealthy acidic.

♦ Soda water is an aqueous solution of sodium bicarbonate, contain alkalescent, medical SISU with sterilization and disinfection, drinking can and the body acid-base balance, change the acidic physique.


Working principle:

  • The soda water machine is composed of a high pressure vessel and a set of special equipment (soda water machine), the high pressure vessel is the source of the whole set of equipment.


  • The high pressure gas is output by the high pressure vessel, and the high pressure gas is mixed with the edible water in a special device.



Clean skin and body


Remove pesticides and bacteria in the vegetable & fruit


Remove fishy smell of the fish, keep fresh


Boil steamed rice, luster color and taste good


Home Soda Maker Advantage:


No pollution
Stable pressure
Safe system
Easy operation


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