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1600C Electric Mosi2 Heating Elements For Metal Melting Furnace CE Certified

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1600C Electric Mosi2 Heating Elements For Metal Melting Furnace CE Certified

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Product Details

    1600C Mosi2 Electric Heater Heating Element Material Metal Melting Furnace CE Certified


What is MoSi2 electric heater element:

1. SUPER 1700, 1800, 1900 MoSi2 electric muffle furnace heater for muffle furnace are extensively used in the industries of metallurgy, glass, ceramic refractory,crystal electronic device, industrial furnace manufacture, etc.. It is an essential ideal element when the products are sintering in the high temperature.


2. Under the oxidizing atmosphere, the maximum operating temperature is 1800, the resistance of the heating element of silicon molybdenum rod increases rapidly with the temperature increasing, and the resistance value is stable when the temperature is constant.Under normal conditions, the resistance of elements does not change with the service time, so the new and old elements can be mixed.


3. According to the structure, working atmosphere and temperature of the heating equipment, the correct selection of the surface load of the heating element is the key to the service life of the element.

Attention: MoSi2 elements can not be used in 400 to 700 °C for a long time, otherwise, it will be powered and damaged due to strong oxidizing action in low temperature.





Application of Mosi2 Electric Heater Heating Element​:

Itemnamedistinction criterionspecificationUsing range
Heating elements1700 typeElement operating temperature 1700℃ is acceptable

Le Φ

6-12W type/U type/L type/all kinds of hetero type / stripe shape

high temperature electric resistance furnace
1800 typeElement operating temperature 1800℃ is acceptable
1800J typeElement operating temperature≥1800℃

Le Φ

3-12W type

Special,high temperature and high-power electric resistance furnace
1800T typeElement operating temperature≤1800℃

Le Φ

3-12W type U type

Not oxidized special air high temperature electric resistance furnace



Physcial property of molybdenum disilicide Mosi2 Electric Heater Element:

DensityBending StrengthHardnessApparent PorosityWater AbsorptionElongationFracture ToughnessCompressive Strength


Chemical Properties of  Mosi2 Electric Heater Heating Element

Oxygen-resistance under high temperature: in oxidizing atmosphere, a layer of compact quartz protective film is formed on the surface of element owing to the high temperature combustion, which prevent Mosi2 from oxidizing more. When the element temperature is higher than 1700 °C, the film becomes melting. It’s not suitable for long time use in the temperature range of 400-700°C, otherwise, the element will be powdering for the strong oxidation under low temperature.


Packaging & Shipping 

1. From the inside to outer packaging, is foam sponge, carton, wooden case.

2. Sea or Air transportation, DHL express.

3. Please make sure the 'shipping address' is your confirmed address.
4. We do check everything in good condition before we ship your parcel out.
5. We will process your order ASAP after payment is confirmed.


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Please tell us the following data of molybdenum disilicide MoSi2 rod heating element when send enquiry to us :

d = the diameter of hot zone ?

c = the diameter of cold zone ?

Le = the length of hot zone ?

Lu = the length of cold zone ?

a=Shank spacing

How many pcs ?


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