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HFDC Series DC Power Supply- 100A 200A 500A DC power supply

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HFDC Series DC Power Supply- 100A 200A 500A DC power supply

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Product Details

HFDC series is Designed to give continuous high quality DC power.


This continuous high power model is ideal for crew training,aircraft servicing in workshops,on the ramp or

in the field,diagnostic work,pre flight checks,charging the on board battery or for continuous

powering of equipment during operations,without draining the onboard aircraft batteries.

The safety features include over voltage,overload and Internal thermal,short circuit protection. The

power modules conform to EMC standards for noise emissions and immunity.


Models Selection

HFDC series power supply model designation is shown below:

HFDC 28 (output volt) 200 (output current)


Output Rated Voltage: DC28.5V Or as per your requirement

Output Rated Current: 20A-2000A




1 phase 120V+/-20%

1 phase 220V+/-20% or

3 x127V/220V+/20%

3 x220V/380V+/-20% or

as per your specific requirement.

(select one individual voltage)




★Power Factor: ≥0.8(Standard Type)






per your specific requirement

(select one individual voltage)






★Voltage Regulation:+/-0.5%

★ Frequency Regulation:+/-0.01%

★Voltage Ripple:300mV or less than 1V

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