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Cellulite Fat Reduction Slimming Massage Cream / Waist Slimming Cream

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Cellulite Fat Reduction Slimming Massage Cream / Waist Slimming Cream

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No Diet Needed Reducing Weight Slimming Massage Cream, Cellulite Solution


Obesity has reached epidemic proportions in the United States. Over two-thirds of adults are overweight or obese. The prevalence of obesity in children has increased remarkably. Obesity has also been increasing rapidly throughout the world, and the incidence of obesity nearly doubled from 1991 to 1998. Now, with pretty slimming cream, burn fat to keep fit without diet has become possible. This product has the following characteristics:

1. Natural herbal extracts, gentle to the skin without irritation.
2. Visibly reduces the appearance of cellulite after regular treatments.
3. This product is best used with massage.
4. Helps burn fat faster, flat the belly, lean thighs, tighten the butt, and reduce cellulite.
5. It helps eliminate fat and toxics in the body while tightening ones’ skin.
6. The natural herb can quickly pass through the skin into the human circulation system through the navel area.

The cream with massage nourishes the skin, dissolving excessive fat, lighten the whole body, restore health body, and show beautiful postures.
Suitable for those:
1. Local obese waist, thighs and so on;
2. Easy edema, skin laxity;
3. People who sit for a long time;
4. Pursuing the perfect bodies.

Theoretical basis:
Molecular switch principle; Ob leptin
Q: What we should do to loss weight?  
A: Accelerate fat consumption stored in your body.
Q: Who is the basic unit of fat?  
A: glucose.
Q: Who is the main consumption vector in glucose?  
A: fat cell? no it's muscle cell.
Q: Why?
A: consumption effect of muscle cell is 10 times of fat cell.
Q: So what to do with fat burn ?
A: fat cell will convert into glucose since your body tell you that glucose has been consumed by muscle cell rapidly.
Q: Who can guide muscle cell to work?
A: Ob leptin.
Q: Who is the pathway of Ob leptin?
A: Molecular switch.
Q: How the herbal extracts get into body and cell?
A: liposome package technology 
Q: Should i go on a diet in the process of using?
A: in opposite, you need to eat more and eat well.
How to Use:
The model C15028 is suitable for day time. apply an appropriate amount of this product on to belly and massage as below until it is fully absorbed. A meridian brush may be needed.


Notice: it is a must to stop massage when the skin turn to a light red.

Want pefect effect:
Cooperate with slimming massage cream body shaping afterwards and slimming night cream

Slimming Cream Weight Loss (C15028) - Water, mineral oil, butanediol, PGFE, isopropyl palmitate, PDMS, caprylic/capric triglyceride, momordica charantia extract, chrysanthemum morifolium extract, daucus carota sativa extract, polygonum multiflorum extract, crataegus cuneata extract, hydrolyzed soybean, glycerol caprylate, xanthan gum, bisabolol.

Liangzi is a privately owned brand. We are able to provide ODM service based on your requirements, including pricing, packaging and styles.

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