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Zhejiang Hengwei Tin-making Co., Ltd

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Address: No.96, Yucha Rd, Jiaxing Economy Develping Area, Zhejiang, China 314002

Phone: 86-0573-82312896

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Zhejiang Hengwei Tin-making Co., Ltd

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ZHEJIANG HENGWEI CAN MAKING CO., LTDin Zhejiang Province of China is a specialized tin can packing manufacturer and die designer. Our tin can or box products cover the packing of food industry such as cookie, tea, candy or mints, dried fruit products. In addition, our tin can is also used in the vacuum bag food packing, the high-end products' pack, besides, including the packaging of the chess and chips analog. We can also make ice bucket, tin tray, tin tube/barrel, garbage tin barrel, vivid knickknacks, aluminium products, OEM etc.


We are established in 1998 and relocated in Jiaxing City, Zhenjiang Province in 2002.We are now situated in the core area rounding by Shanghai, Ningpo, Suzhou and Hangzhou. Jiaxing is a city featured with booming economy and convenient transportation, with easy access to Jiaxing by both Shanghai-Hangzhou Expressway and Jiaxing Outer-Ring road, furthermore, the train and river transport is also convenient. The resource is rich and costs less giving us the advantage of a low running costs.


With the practice and tribulation in our 13 years experience, we go all out contributing our endeavor to upgrade our technology to realize developed processing devices and scientific management system to make better tin products and design more advanced moulds. Now, we are functioning on 6000 square meters of factory shop with over 150 excellent workmen. Besides, we also retain some engineers and dies artisans,quality inspectors, amounting to 50 more. Then we realize our careful management of ourselves and service assurance from the market extent, the dies design, to sample proofing, printing of the tinplate and production finalization.


Taking advantage of the Shanghai World Exposition event in 2010, we will keep on our sensible business manner to try best to collaborate with all over the world. We wish all customers using these tin packing products will also get a better development tomorrow in our together cooperation.

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Company Name: Zhejiang Hengwei Tin-making Co., Ltd
City: Jiaxing
Province: Zhejiang
Address: No.96, Yucha Rd, Jiaxing Economy Develping Area, Zhejiang, China 314002