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Acetylene price

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Product Details

                        Acetylene price



Product Description

There are two types acetylene cylinder. One is seamless steel acetylene cylinder and another one is welded cylinder. The product made in our company by using fine low-alloy steel sheet and charrged with the fillings of intergal porous calcium silicate with its uniquie technique and strict quality control. It has the features of high porosity and large capacity.


The products completely fit GB11638 standard. The dissolved acetylene gas cylinder produced by our company is reliable in quality, economic, safe and has obtained favorable comments from users.

  • Acetylene Model
    • acetylene gas
    • also called, dissolved acetylene, welding acetylene gas, high purity acetylene, industry acetylene gas,
  • Acetylene Purity
    • 98.5%
  • Acetylene Gas Property
    • A colorless, flammable gas with an odor similar to garlic. Shipped and stored in dissolved acetone. Can decompose spontaneously if pressure exceeds 15 PSIG.
  • Acetylene Gas Application
    • Acetylene is one hot gas. It has one of the hottest flame temperature of any commercially available fuel gas (5,720°F), making it an excellent choice for welding, brazing and cutting steel alloys less than two inches thick.
    • In scientific applications, acetylene is used as an instrumentation gas and a fuel gas and is the most important of all starting materials for organic synthesis. It readily combines with a wide range of elements and compounds, making it ideal for the commercial manufacture of various industrial and consumer products
  • Main Technical Parameter
    • Porosoty of porous mass: 90-92%
    • Compressive strength of porous mass: ≥1.8 N/nm2
    • Yield temperature of fusible plug: 100±5 °C
    • Executive standard of Filler: GB11638-2003
      Normal Water Capacity40L
      Normal Diameter250MM
      Limited Filling Pressure (15℃)1.56Mpa
      Hydraulic Test Pressure5.2Mpa
      Sealing Test Pressure3Mpa
      Porous Mass ProperyCompressive Strength≥1.8N/nm2
      The Axial Space≤2.5mm
      Acetylene weight6.8kgs
      Maximum Working pressure40℃


Cylinder Spec

Acetylene gas purity is 98%.

Acetylene cylinder is 1L. to 65L

Our cylinder is based on GB11638 standard, and acetylene gas based on GB6819-2004 standard.

There are two types acetylene cylinder, one is seamless steel cylinder, and another one is welded cylinder.

The cap, valve, color, logo and stamping are as customer required.

Cylinder size2L6L10L20L25L40L
Wall Thickness3.2MM4.1MM4.1MM3.2MM3.3MM4.0MM
Filling Pressure(at 15℃)15.6BAR15.6BAR15.6BAR15.6BAR15.6BAR15.8BAR
Acetylene Filling Weight0.3KG1.0KG1.7KG3.4KG4.2KG6.8KG

2L Acetylene gas cylinder


6L Acetylene gas cylinder

acetylene 1.jpg

Cylinder valve information


Acetylene gas filling

acetylene filling.jpg

Packing and shipping

For the normal packing, we use by carton or bag. Carton is for smaller models, and bags for bigger models as usal. And also can provide the pallet if you need.

One 20ft container can load 425pcs 40L acetylene gas or 625pcs 25L acetylene gas.

Delivery time is arround 25days to 35days after got the deposit.

acetylene loading.jpg

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We mainly supply:

1)High Purity Industrial Gas: Helium,Argon, Acetylene,Propane,Oxygen,Nitrogen,CO2, etc
2) Electrical gas, Stanrdard gas and All kinds of mixed gas.
3) Liquid Gas: Liquid Argon, Liquid Oxygen, Liquid Nitrogen
4)Medical Grade Gas: (Oxygen, Nitrous Oxide Gas,Medical Mixed gas)
5) Vaporizer, Cryogenic Filling Pump,Cylinder Rack,Storage tank, Oxygen/Acetylene plant, Gas Supply Piping Project
6) All kinds of accessories for gas equipments and piping projects.

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Company Information

Our products are successfully selling to more than 30 countries or regions in the world where we gained wide compliment and good repulation. Such as Germany, France, Sweden, the Nertherlands, Spain, Russia, Australia, Bulgeria, Fiji, New Zealand, Sevilla, Columbia, Jamaica, Peru, Chile, Ecuador, Bolivia, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietname, Philippine, South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Burkina Faso, Angola, Congo, etc.


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Our Services

Reply your enquiry in 24 hours working time.

Customized cylinder color, cap type, valve model no. and stampling are accapted.

Every cylinder will be tested before the delivery.

On time delivery and satisfied sales service.

Best quality, lowest price, welcome to your inquiry.

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