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Automatic Chicken Feet Processing Machine / Meat Vegetable Blanching Machine

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Automatic Chicken Feet Processing Machine / Meat Vegetable Blanching Machine

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Automatic Chicken Feet Blanching Machine|Meat Vegetables Blanching Equipment


Description of Chicken Feet Blanching Machine

This series of chicken claw bleaching machine is my company for many years of production experience in accordance with the needs of customers to improve the replacement of bleaching hot equipment, the equipment to improve production efficiency and product yield and reduce energy consumption. Put on the market has been recognized by the majority of customers. This machine main body all uses the stainless steel and the food grade UPE material production, conforms to the food processing standard, the clean hygiene. Mesh Belt conveyor using perforated plate stainless steel conveyor belt, back to the use of external structure, sanitation easy to clean; This machine designed the press wheel, the pressure wheel can suspend the material into hot water to ensure that the material is fully heated, especially for leaves, silk, butyl and other materials; the main conveyor belt with inverter, the material bleaching and ironing time can be adjusted to a good state, Suitable for all kinds of fruits and vegetables, meat food bleaching hot.

Structure Principle of Meat Vegatables Blanching Equipment

The machine is equipped with our production of vegetable processing lines, fried potato chips (french fries) assembly line, chicken claw peeling processing line, drying dehydration line, feed, all stainless steel mesh belt automatic transmission, easy to operate, high efficiency. Heating part, automatic temperature control, set randomly, heat source can be used steam heating, electric heating, heat conduction oil furnace heating and so on. The organism is the stainless steel material, meets the food hygienic standard.


Data of Chicken Feet Blanching Machine


meat vegetables blanching machine

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