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Industrial Meat Processing Machine Fresh Meat Manufacturing Equipment 1000*600*1400mm

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Industrial Meat Processing Machine Fresh Meat Manufacturing Equipment 1000*600*1400mm

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Commercial Fresh Meat Slice Cutting Machine|Sliced Meat Processing Machine


The characteristics of fresh meat slice cutting machine
1, the machine is set to 45 degree angle slice of double workplaces, to ensure that the two products are 45 degrees angle oblique slice, the production volume is large.
2, the bottom of the feeding port is designed with imported stainless steel plate, to reduce the damage to the product, to facilitate the cleaning of the equipment, to avoid the two pollution of the product, and to ensure the quality of the products.
3. The discharge port is equipped with the mobile conveyor belt discharge, which speeds up the discharging speed and reduces the work intensity of the staff.
4, the main components such as servo motor, PCL, touch screen, electrical components and so on, all imported products, to ensure product quality.
5. The machine is equipped with reliable safety measures.


Operation steps of sliced meat processing machine
1. power supply: first, turn the switch to the "1" power switch board to the "open" state, when the light will be bright, the machine is in the state of operation, at this time the electric button can make the round trip device in any position, in order to facilitate cleaning.
2. operation: when the work selector switches to "2", only the blade runs, and the switch rotates to "3". The whole machine works automatically.
3. downtime: the power switch is usually used for overload protection of motors. It should be used for frequent startup switches. The daily selection of switch 1 should be used.
4. thickness adjustment: adjust the thickness of the side of the machine clockwise as long as the thickness of the cutting.


Technical Data of Electric Fish Head Cutting Machine



Slice thickness








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