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Propanediol 26264-14-2

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Propanediol 26264-14-2

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Product Details

English name:Propanediol
CAS No.:57-55-6
Molecular formula:C3H8O2
Molecular weight:76.09
Property:Colorless viscous stable water absorbent liquid ,almost odorless.
Use:Mainly used as food emulsifiers; propylene glycol is an excellent seasoning and pigment solvent propylene glycol commonly used in the pharmaceutical industry for manufacturing various types of cream, ointment solvent, softener, and excipients such as propylene glycol with all kinds of spices has good solubility, and thus used as a cosmetic solvents and softeners, etc. propylene glycol is also used as a tobacco humidifiers agent, preservatives, food processing equipment, oil and food marking ink solvent. Water solvent propylene glycol antifreeze is effective.

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