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P Series Planetary Reduction Gearbox Reductor For Concrete Mixer Agitator

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P Series Planetary Reduction Gearbox Reductor For Concrete Mixer Agitator

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City & Province lishui zhejiang
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P Series Planetary Reduction Gearbox Reductor For Concrete Mixer / Agitator
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material of housingnodular cast iron
material of sun wheel20CrMnTi
material of planetary wheel20CrMnTi
material of internal gear42CrMo
material of planetary frame42CrMo
material of planetary axis42CrMo
precision grade6-8 (ISO1328)


DP Planetary gearbox is standardized gear unit solutions for higher power rating ranges in the proven
FLENDER quality. With 27 sizes and seven basic types the DP series ensures torque ranges of up
to 2,600,000 Nm and transmission ratios of 4,000:1. .Complete range of modular design planetary gearboxes for industrial applications. It combines high performance with low cost and compact size, excellent reliability, simple installation and reduced maintenance.


Type / Model


P2NAZ9, P2NAH10, P2NBS11, P2NBH12, P2NAZ13, P2NBS14, P2NBS16, P2NAZ17, P2NBS18,

P2NAZ19, P2NBS20, P2NAZ21, P2NBS22, P2NAZ23, P2NBS24, P2NAZ25, P2NBS26, P2NAZ27,

P2NBS28, P2NAZ29, P2NBS30, P2NAZ31, P2NBS32, P2NAZ33, P2NBS34, P2NAZ35, P2NBS36.


P2LAZ, P2LAH10, P2LBS11, P2LBH12, P2LAZ13, P2LAH14, P2LBS16, P2LBH17, P2LBS18,

P2LAZ19, P2LBS20, P2LAZ21, P2LBS22, P2LAZ23, P2LBS24, P2LAZ25, P2LBS26, P2LAZ27, 

P2LBS28, P2LAZ29, P2LBS30, P2LAZ31, P2LBS32, P2LAZ33, P2LBS34, P2LAZ35, P2LBS36.


P2SAZ, P2SAH10, P2SBS11, P2SBH12, P2KAZ13, P2KAH14, P2KBS16, P2KBH17, P2SBS18,

P2SAZ19, P2KBS20, P2KAZ21, P2SBS22, P2SAZ23, P2KBS24, P2KAZ25, P2SBS26, P2SAZ27, 

P2KBS28, P2KAZ29, P2SBS30, P2SAZ31, P2KBS32, P2KAZ33, P2SBS34, P2SAZ35, P2KBS36.


P3NAZ9, P3NAH10, P3NBS11, P3NBH12, P3NAZ13, P3NAH14, P3NBS16, P3NBH17, P3NBS18,

P3NAZ19, P3NBS20, P3NAZ21, P3NBS22, P3NAZ23, P3NBS24, P3NAZ25, P3NBS26, P3NAZ27,

P3NBS28, P3NAZ29, P3NBS30, P3NAZ31, P3NBS32, P3NAZ33, P3NBS34, P3NAZ35, P3NBS36.


P3LAZ, P3LAH10, P3LBS11, P3LBH12, P3LAZ13, P3LAH14, P3LBS16, P3LBH17, P3LBS18,

P3LAZ19, P3LBS20, P3LAZ21, P3LBS22, P3LAZ23, P3LBS24, P3LAZ25, P3LBS26, P3LAZ27, 

P3LBS28, P3LAZ29, P3LBS30, P3LAZ31, P3LBS32, P3LAZ33, P3LBS34, P3LAZ35, P3LBS36.


P3SAZ, P3SAH10, P3SBS11, P3SBH12, P3KAZ13, P3KAH14, P3KBS16, P3KBH17, P3SBS18,

P3SAZ19, P3KBS20, P3KAZ21, P3SBS22, P3SAZ23, P3KBS24, P3KAZ25, P3SBS26, P3SAZ27, 

P3KBS28, P3KAZ29, P3SBS30, P3SAZ31, P3KBS32, P3KAZ33, P3SBS34, P3SAZ35, P3KBS36.


P series planetary gear units gearbox gearmotors, speed reducer, gear reducer

P series inline / right angle planetary gear units industrial planetary gearbox 

Helical-bevel planetary gear units can replace SEW, Bonfiglioli, Rossi, Nord etc.





Explanation of Types

Explanation of above example

Gear unit type
DP series planetary gear units

Two planetary gear stages transmission

Number of planetary gear stage

  1. Two stages
  2. Three stages 

Two stage planetary gear unit

N standard
L Bevel Gear stage
S Helical Gear stage
K bevel-helical gear stage

Helical gear stage

Output shaft:

AZ: hollow shaft with shrink disk

AH Hollow shaft with involute splines

BS Solid shaft with key

BH Solid shaft with involute splines

Hollow shaft with shrink disk



Up to 4000


Mounting position
B500-B556 Horizontal
V100-B130 Vertical
V300-V330 Vertical

Mounting position B512B553 : Horizontal ,input shaft at the right side, torque reaction arm on down side

Direction code of rotation of input shaft for bevel gear stage(Viewing on input shaft):
CW : Clockwise
CCW: Counter Clockwise

Helical gear stage omitted

Add-on pieces
99 None
96 gear housing base
70 motor bell housing(input)
71 motor bracket
72 motor bracket
73 motor swing-base
74 bell-housing (output)
75 torque arm(one side)
76 torque arm(two side)
77 torsion shaft support

Add-on the gear housing base motor belling housing


       1. Highly modular design.
2. Quality material ensures the product reliability.
       3. Fluctuation structure design house with high load capacity and cooling performance.
       4. The seal of output shaft part adopts double oil seal with perfect oil leaking resistance.Reliable sealing and more widely applicable to industry.
       5. Optional accessories
       6. Various options to combine with other gear units.



  • Roller Presses
  • Bucket Wheel Drives
  • Running Mechanism Drives
  • Slewing Mechanism Drives
  • Mixers/ Agitators Drives
  • Steel Plate Conveyors
  • Scraper Conveyors
  • Chain Conveyors
  • Rotary Kilns Drives
  • Pipe Rolling Mill Drives
  • Tube Mill Drives

Company Information

DOFINE has acquired the know-how and the experience to be a leader in the field of high speed gears.
The industrial site of WENZHOU Zhejiang Province has developed a tradition in high performance gear units for more than 23 years and through 500 000 references for the Power Transmission equipment and the Oil & Gas industries (speed reducer or increaser, auxiliary and special gearboxes). Now there are more than 300 employees join our family to provide the best transmission equipment for driving an better world.
As a member of China general reducer machinery association ,Zhejiang Dongfang Driving Machine Co.,Ltd is a manufacturer who specializing in producing and marketing of Speed reducer products .We take the lead in passing ISO9001 and CE Since 1991, Keeping the perfect product quality and wining deeply trust from worldwide client are based on the competely quality system and strictly management





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