Speed Electric Motor Gear Reduction Box / Worm Reduction Gear Box

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Speed Electric Motor Gear Reduction Box / Worm Reduction Gear Box

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Product Details

Speed Electric Motor Gear Reduction Box / Worm Reduction Gear Box



Quick Details:



·         Gearing Arrangement: Helical


·         Output Torque: 450000 N.m


·         Rated Power: 1.1-5100KW


·         Input Speed: 750-1500 rpm


·         Output Speed: 1.67-1200RPM


·         Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland)


·         Model Number: H1SH3-H4SH26


·         Brand Name: HENGTAI


·         Color: According to customer


·         Ratio: 1.25-450


·         Mounting position: foot mounted


·         Material for box: cast iron


·         Packing: Strong wooden cases for exporting


·         Output shaft: Solid or hollow output shaft


·         Accessories: cooling system, lubrication system


·         Output shaft diameter: 30-420MM






H.B series Shaft Mounted Speed Reducer  are especially compact helical and helical-bevel gear units. H.B


series Shaft Mounted Speed Reducer covers a torque range of 2000-450000 N.m. Vertical shaft design of


H.B series Shaft Mounted Speed Reducer offers you a great deal of freedom in system design and requires


remarkably little space. Application range for H.B series Shaft Mounted Speed Reducer: e.g. in materials


handling, transporting heavy loads, mixing, crane drives and shredders. A version, based on this series,


with extended bearing distance and reinforced output shaft, is also available.







Transmission Ratio  (i)




H1SH3, H1SH5, H1SH7, H1SH9, H1SH11, H1SH13, H1SH15, H1SH17, H1SH19



H2SH4, H2SH5, H2SH6, H2SH7, H2SH8, H2SH9, H2SH10, H2SH11, H2SH12, H2SH13, H2SH14, H2SH15,


H2SH16, H2SH17, H2SH18, H2SH19, H2SH20, H2SH21, H2SH22, H2SH23, H2SH24, H2SH25, H2SH26




H3SH4, H3SH5, H3SH6, H3SH7, H3SH8, H3SH9, H3SH10, H3SH11, H3SH12, H3SH13, H3SH14, H3SH15,


H3SH16, H3SH17, H3SH18, H3SH19, H3SH20, H3SH21, H3SH22, H3SH23, H3SH24, H3SH25, H3SH26




H4SH5, H4SH6, H4SH7, H4SH8, H4SH9, H4SH10, H4SH11, H4SH12, H4SH13, H4SH14, H4SH15, H4SH16,


H4SH17, H4SH18, H34H19, H4SH20, H4SH21, H4SH22, H4SH23, H4SH24, H4SH25, H4SH26




Your benefits:


1. Extremely robust gear unit housing


2. Reduced costs and weight due to high power density and finely stepped sizes


3. Effective cooling systems


4. CCW and CW versions may be implemented in a single gear unit version


5. Flexible mounting capability


6. Efficient project planning tools including 2D and 3D dimension drawing generators


7. Short delivery times for standard versions and spare parts







Photo: Shaft Mounted Speed Reducer applied in Factory




After 300-hour operation, please change the oil, and flush the gear unit with suitable detergents.


Pls do not mix the mineral oil and synthetic oil.


Pls check the oil level in regular time.



The cause for breakdown and settlement of reducer:



Possible cause

The way of settlement

The motor does not run in case of loading

Voltage is too low

Check to see if the wire is too long or too thin

Gear is damaged

Repair it in special factory

Work with overload

Discharge load

Very hot

Work with overload

Discharge load

Start and stop too many

Discharge load

Bearing is damaged

Reduce using frequency

Voltage is too high or too low

Repair or replace

Loud noise

If the noise is loud and continuous, the bearing is damaged or the gear damaged

Repair it in special factory

If the noise is loud occasionally, the gear must be damaged or something else block

Contact with the service institution




















1:Pls do not store in outdoor.


2:pls put cardboard, wood or other material between the products and floor. the gear box cannot directly


touch the floor.




HFT guarantees the products sold for one year from the date of delivery. Warranty is limited to repair or


replacement, free at our plant, of defective parts due to an ascertained defect of material or manufacture.


The parts replaced remain our property. All other compensation is excluded, nor can any direct and/or


indirect damage be claimed of any nature, also for the temporary lack of use of the goods purchased.





Competitive Advantage:


       1.  HFT total registered capital in RMB 58,000,000.We had 2 sub companies located in Binghai& Sanxi


     Industry Zone, covering area 50000 square meters and 350 staff so far.


  2.  As the leader in gear reducer domestically, we are committed to R&D all the time. There are


more than 40 professional technical engineers. We had 49 items patents including 7 items of


invention patent, 30 items of utility models, 1 item of appearance design, 2 items of international


invention patent and 5 items which are accepted by National SIPO wait for approval.


  3.  According to the globalization strategy, we have established pre-sale,after-sale and whole-


process selling network. Relying on high quality products and perfect service, our products have 


been successfully applied by more than 5000 customers.


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