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Splendid Historical Culture. About 5000 years ago, its here that the three Chinese ealist ancestors-Emperor Huang, Yan and Chiyou were united, then starting the Chinese ancient civilization. During the Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties, Heibei become more important since Beijing was chosen for the capital. There are 670 historic places in the province. Among them, 88 are directly under the state protection. Now Hebei has 3 World Cultural Heritages, 5 National Historic Cities. The most attractive spots are the Imperial Mountain Resort and its surrounding temples in Chengde, the mausoleum groups of Qing Dynasty and the highlights of the Greatwall. In addition, Lotus Pond and Zhili Governor's Office Building in Baoding, Longxing Temple and Zhaozhou Stone Bridge in Shijiazhuang, Fairy Hall of Golden Millet Dream, Xiangtang Mountain Grottoes in Handan are all well-known both at home and abroad.
Beautiful Natural Scenery. Hebei is the only province that possesses all kinds of landscapes such as seashores, plains, lakes, hills and plateaus in China. There are 2 National Ten Scenic Spots, 3 National Topping Forty Views, 5 National Scenic Areas, 9 National Forest Parks and 3 National Natural Reserves. Among these, Qinhuangdao Seashore, Baiyangdian Lake, Taihang and Yanshan Mountains, Forest and Grassland are all tourists' favorites.
Special Attractions. A) Abundant local products, such as honey peach, chestnuts, snow pear, medicinal herbs and etc. B) Exquisite traditional handicrafts, such as stone carving, Spring Festival painting, inner-bottle painting, paper-cuts, reed-weaving and so on. C) Numerous revolutionary sites. D) Unique folklore, such as Wuqiao Acrobatics, Cangzhou Martial Arts, Yongnian Taiji Boxing, Chengde Manchu and Mongolian songs and dances.
In recent years, Hebei's tourism has developed rapidly. Now it boasts 432 scenic spot, more than 200 star-rated hotels, 400 travel services and 30 tourist coach companies. Hebei's transportation networks are well developed. Railways criss-cross the province and highways extend in all directions. There are 4 airports and 4 seaports within the province.
The hospitable Hebei people warmly welcome friends from all over the world.

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