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Jiyuan City Kunyuan Forging Co., Ltd

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Address: Huling,Chengliu Town,Jiyuan City ,Henan Province ,China

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Jiyuan City Kunyuan Forging Co., Ltd

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          Jiyuan City Kunyuan Forging Co., Ltd. is located in the tourism city --Jiyuan City , Henan Province of China , established in March of 2006, covering 20000 square meters, with capital asserts of RMB23 million , registered capital of 2.5 million, with annual turnover of 50 million , which is collected of forging and machining integration export enterprise.

Company profile:

There are forging, mechanical processing cooperative enterprises and CNC processing base in our company. In the forging workshop, there are many sets of heavy forging equipment such as 1600 tons hydraulic press machine, platform heating furnaces, annealing furnaces, tempering furnaces, etc. In the machining workshop, there are lots of heavy machining equipment such as heavy horizontal lathes, deep hole drilling, boring machines, and grinding machines, etc. In the CNC processing base, there are CNC lathes, Jiatai vertical machining center, NC slotting machine, grinders and other ancillary equipment, etc.

Technical ability:

Our company has rich technological force , new products R&D center and experienced technicians and engineers from military enterprise;perfect quality assurance system to be in control  from raw material to finished products , so as to ensure the quality of the products and traceability.

Main products and production capacity:

The main products are large and medium-sized shafts, pie plates, rings, modules, rollers, oil drilling, stabilizers, centrifuge pipe dies, flanges and other 

forgings as well as fine machining products. Meanwhile, we also undertake a variety of small parts, dies, 

welding products such as precision machining and manufacturing

1.the production capacity: Single weighs 8 tons forging, metallurgical equipment, oil drilling
2.the production of steel: including high carbon steel, alloy steel, carbon tool steel, alloy tool steel, roll steel, tool steel, heat-resistant steel, stainless steel, bearing steel and some high-alloy tool steel.
3.the production specifications:

Shaft forging production specifications up to φ700mm
Roll forging production specifications up to φ600mm

Pie plate forging production specifications up φ1400mm
Class size ring forgings produced up to φ1500mm
Module production specifications forging cross-sectional area of up to φ550mm or rectangular cross-section corresponding Casting class, Corrugated forging production specifications up to φ600mm.

Production Marketing:

Emphasizing on quality and honesty, Jiyuan City Kunyuan Forging Co., Ltd. always wants to make profit for our clients.

We set up close strategic partnership with Surrounding brothers manufacturers such as steel mill, forging mill , machining mill, heat-treating mill , especially Zhong yuan Special steel Co., LTD ---the famous large military enterprise .Moreover we has sold the products all over the world especially in America and Australia.

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Company info

Company Name: Jiyuan City Kunyuan Forging Co., Ltd
City: jiyuan
Province: henan
Country: china
Address: Huling,Chengliu Town,Jiyuan City ,Henan Province ,China