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Multi Function Instant Shoulder Back Neck Pain Patch 3 Years Shelf Time

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Multi Function Instant Shoulder Back Neck Pain Patch 3 Years Shelf Time

Country/Region china
City & Province chongqing chongqing
Categories MP3 & MP4 Accessories

Product Details

Multi Function Instant Pain relief Patch/Shoulder Back Neck Patch For Healthy


  • Product Specifications: 

Periarthritis of shoulder, also known as around shoulder joint inflammation, commonly known as coagulation shoulder, frozen shoulder.With shoulder pain gradually, at night, gradually aggravate, limited function of shoulder joint activity and growing, gradually to some degree, until the last complete restoration as the main performance of around shoulder joint capsule and ligaments, tendons and slippery bursa of chronic nonspecific inflammation.Periarthritis of shoulder by shoulder joint pain and mobility as the main symptoms of common diseases.The disease at the age of 50 years or so, female incidence is slightly higher than male, see more at manual workers.If can not get effective treatment, may seriously affect the function of shoulder joint activity.Shoulder joint may have broad tenderness, and to the neck and elbows radiation, also can appear different degree of deltoid muscle atrophy.


  • The cause of

1. Shoulder reasons

(1) the disease occurs mostly in the elderly over the age of 40, regression of soft tissue lesions, for a variety of external forces to bear ability;

(2) long-term excessive activity, such as poor posture of chronic injuries force;

(3) after upper limb trauma shoulder fixed too long, shoulder the tissues secondary contraction, adhesion.

(4) the shoulder after acute injury, pull injury caused by improper treatment, etc.


2. The shoulder outside factors

Cervical spondylosis, heart, lung, and biliary diseases, the referred pain of shoulder, because of the primary disease for a long time will make shoulder muscle continuous convulsion, ischemia and inflammatory lesion formation, into a real periarthritis of shoulder.


Prodcut NamePain Relief Patch
AplicationsShoulder / back / foot / mentrual pain relief
CertificationsISO, CE
Peak temperature65℃
Ave. temperature40 ℃
Heating timeMore than 16 hours
Place of OrigenChongqing, China(Mainland)



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