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Heatec manufactures and markets a broad line of heaters and liquid storage tanks. These products are used at facilities that produce and supply materials for road construction, mostly hot-mix asphalt (HMA) plants, asphalt terminals, emulsion terminals and concrete producers. And our products are used by numerous other industries unrelated to road construction.

Our products for asphalt include hot oil heaters, asphalt storage tanks and fuel storage tanks. Outputs of the heaters range from 0.75 to 30 million Btu/hour. Tanks are either vertical or horizontal configurations with capacities ranging from 5,000 gallons (18,927 liters) to 45,000 gallons (170,325 liters).

We also make complete polymer systems for asphalt terminals and emulsion plants. These systems blend asphalt with polymers and hold the mixtures for load-out. Other asphalt products include fuel preheaters, booster heaters, calibration tanks, barrel melters, etc.

Our products for making concrete are used to heat mix water and/or stockpiles. Our Firestorm water heater is very popular. It has extremely high thermal efficiency and provides hot water on demand, eliminating the need to store hot water. Other products include fired water-storage tanks, hot oil heaters, heating coils for stockpiles, and fuel storage tanks. We can also provide chillers.

We refer to our products unrelated to road construction as "industrial" products. Almost half of our production is industrial products. Most are customized for a particular application. Consequently, we have a separate group of engineers that specialize in the design of these products. They work closely with the customer and/or independent engineering firms and inspection teams that may be engaged by the customer.

You will find Heatec industrial products at chemical plants, at oil-and-gas refineries, on off-shore platforms and on barges. You will also find them at power generation plants, wood product manufacturers, food processors, textile factories, pharmaceutical producers, roofing manufacturers and others.

Our industrial products include heaters, vaporizers, and heat recovery units. The heaters are either horizontal or vertical and have either helical coils or serpentine coils. Heater and vaporizer sizes range from 0.7 to 75 million Btu/hour. Industrial products also include pump skids, storage tanks and expansion tanks.

The company was formed in 1972 to repair and service asphalt heaters known as "the Chattanooga Heater." Shortly thereafter, the company also began to design and fabricate asphalt storage tanks for Astec HMA plants. Astec Industries bought the company in 1977 and it became known officially as Heatec. Heatec continued to build asphalt storage tanks for Astec HMA plants and also began to produce hot oil heaters for heating asphalt.

It soon became apparent that the company’s hot oil heaters were well suited for industries unrelated to road construction. Consequently, such heaters were sold for use in the carpet industry and for use in production of roofing shingles. New applications for the heaters and related products have grown rapidly ever since. At the present time Heatec products are used in a score of different industries.

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Company Name: Heatec, Inc
Country: China
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