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Crisp Freeze Dried Mango Slices Light Yellow Fruit Snacks for Family

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Crisp Freeze Dried Mango Slices Light Yellow Fruit Snacks for Family

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Crisp Freeze Dried Mango Slices Light Yellow Fruit Snacks for Family



Common Uses:


1. Freeze dried mango slices are the best dried crisp fruit snacks for people, especially for kids.
2. FD mango slices are best ingredients and materials for baking to make different kinds of mango cakes, etc.
3. Lyophilized mango fruit sliced is very suitable for you to make some quick desserts, like crispy mango covered chocolate, mango yogurt, etc.





Freeze dried mango slices are loved by so many peoples, especially by children, since they are sweet, crispy and full of the taste of mango. No matter you want to hold a party, or want to enjoy movie at home, or go out to have a hike with friends, you can bring this cute delicious freeze dried mango fruit to be the best snack together with you definitely. Since the shape of it is sliced, it has its limitation in confectionary making and other food industries, but freeze dried mango sliced is also very suitable for baking some cakes which need the great taste of mango and beautiful decoration of it at the same time. If you are creative, you will find there are so many ways and foods can be took part in by freeze dried mango slices. And with the participation of FD mango slices, your desserts or other foods would become so delicious and popular!



Quick Details:


1. Specification: FD Mango Slices 5-7mm
2. Production Season: Yearly
3. Color: Yellow; Light Yellow
4. Shelf Life: One Year
5. Moisture: Less than 3 to 5%
6. Impurity: None
7. Additive: None
8. Preservative: None
9. Taste: Very Crisp, Sweet and Pure Taste of Mango
10. Store: good sealing in low temperature





1. Produced directly from factory; buy raw materials locally; near sea port and airport; etc. All these factors make our price of freeze dried mango slices very competitive!
2. We offer small pack and OEM services. You could just tell us your requirements about packing.
3. We will test ourselves first after production to make sure the quality and safety of freeze dried food.



Good Packing:


Freeze dried food bulk are packed by double PE bags in cartons.

We offer small pouch pack according your requirements.


Freeze dried mango chips common uses examples:




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