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St. John's Wort Extract

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Antidepression---St. John's Wort

Product name: St. John's Wort Extract

Specification: 0.3% Hypericins

Botanical Origin: Hypericum Perforatum L.

Part use: whole plant

Brief introduction:

St John’s wort is a perennial herb with a beautiful yellow flower. Since ancient Greek times, the herb has been used to treat some nervous problems.

Today, people use St John’s wort extract to treat mild depression. St. John's Wort Extract are among the most widely used antideprssants in Germany. Hypericum, naturally in St. John's wort, has antidepressant potential (Linde K etc 1996; Ernst E, 1995; De Smet PA 1996).

Application: Antidepressant

St John's Wort extract displays many different classes of antidepressants. The likely mechanism of action is the inhibition of monoamine re-uptake(5-HT, NA and DA) with comparable potencies to known atidepressants. Hypericum is also the only antidepressant known that inhibits the uptake of all three monoamines with similar potencies (PJ Nathan 1999).


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Ernst E. St John's Wort as an antidepressive therapy. Fortschr Med 1995; 113: 354-355

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