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Original Quantum Resonance Magnetic Analyzer Full Body Sub Health Analyzer Equipment

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Original Quantum Resonance Magnetic Analyzer Full Body Sub Health Analyzer Equipment

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2017 The 4th generation mini quantum magnetic resonance analyser with 45 reports for home use

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The human body is the aggregates of a large number of cells which are in continuous growth, development, differentiation, regeneration and apoptosis, and the cells constantly self-renew through its own division. 25 million cells are divided at one second in an adult’s body, and the body's blood cells constantly renew at the rate of about 100 million per minute. In the process of cell division and growth, those charged bodies of atomic nucleuses constituting atoms as the basic unit of cell and the electrons outside the nucleus are in constant high-speed movement and changing, thereby constantly emitting electromagnetic waves.


The electromagnetic wave signals emitted by the human body represent the specific state of the human body, and the emitted electromagnetic wave signals are different under the different conditions of the human body, such as health, sub-health, disease, etc. If we can determine these specific electromagnetic wave signals, we can determine the status of the body's life.

Quantum medicine considers that the most fundamental reason of falling sick is that the spin of electrons outside the atomic nucleus and the orbit change, thereby causing the change of atoms constituting a material, the change of small biomolecules, the change of big biomolecules, the change of all the cells and finally the change of organs. Because the electron is a charged body, when the spin of electrons outside the atomic nucleus and the orbit change, the electromagnetic wave emitted by the atoms will change. The energy o f the electromagnetic wave changes caused by the changes of the human body’s diseases and physical changes in the nutritional status is extremely weak and usually is only nano gauss to microgauss. The frequency and energy of the weak magnetic field of hair determined directly or by holding a sensor by hand compare with the resonance spectra of standard quantum of diseases and nutrition indicators set in the instrument after the frequency and energy are amplified by the instrument and processed by the computer, and then the corresponding quantum value being from negative to positive is output. The size of the quantum value indicates the nature and extent of the disease and the nutrition levels. Finally, the test results are resolved by clinicians. For example, cancer cells are different from normal cells, and the electromagnetic waves emitted by cancer cells are also different from the electromagnetic waves emitted by normal cells. Quantum resonance testing tumor is to send the standard wave of cancer cells to the specimen. If there are cancer cells in the human body, resonance will occur, and the instrument will detect the signal. The more the number of cancer cells is, the more intense the signal is, and the quantum value tends to the negative value. If there are no cancer cells, resonance will do not occur, and the quantum value tends to the positive value. It's similar to the principle of listening to broadcasting from the radio. There are many radio waves in the air. If you want to listen to some designated broadcasting, you can transfer the radio to the corresponding frequency, at this moment, resonance occurs, so that you can listen to this broadcasting. Quantum resonance uses this principle for testing.


The latest 4th generation quantum has 44 reports!!!
1 Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular23 Human Toxin
2 Gastrointestinal Function24 Heavy Metal
3 Liver Function25 Basic Physical Quality
4 Large Intestine Function26 Allergy
5 Gallbladder Function27 Obesity
6 Pancreatic Function28 Skin
7 Kidney Function29 Eye
8 Lung Function30 Collagen
9 Brain Nerve31 Channels and collaterals
10 Bone Disease32 Pulse of heart and brain
11 Bone Mineral Density33 Blood lipids
12 Rheumatoid Bone Disease34 Gynecology (female)
13 Bone Growth Index35 Breast (female)
14 Blood Sugar36 Menstrual cycle (female)
15 Trace Element37 Prostate (male)
16 Vitamin38 Male Sexual Function (male)
17 Amino Acid39 Sperm and semen (male)
18 Coenzyme40 Element of Human
19 Fatty acid (NEW)41 Expert analysis (NEW)
20 Endocrine System42 Hand analysis (NEW)
21 Immune System43 Comprehensive Report
22 Thyroid44 ADHD (kids younger than 10 years old)


Languages for choice:


English,German, Portuguese, Slovak ,Malaysia,Spanish,Russian,Korean,

French,Thai, English-Malaysia, Chinese-Malaysia, English-Chinese etc total 33 languages.



What features of our 5th quantum analyzer?

Based on the study on a hundred million clinical cases for many years, a number of
medicaland computer experts invented quantum health monitor.

2). Comprehensive
Our quantum health diagnostic instrument can make a comprehensive examination to
human body. After the test, 16 health reports can be obtained.

The statistical analysis of health is carried out rigorously by using scientific methods and it is approved by a large number of clinical practices. The accuracy rate of this healthcare
product can reach up to 85%.

4). Ahead
Our therapy device can detect health changes before obvious symptoms and signs of disease
appear. The early detection will make for early treatment.

The operation of this health equipment is quite easy. Users can master the detecting
techniques after a short-term training.

Through using this health instrument, health check can be made anytime and anywhere. This will save time for patients.

The cost of testing is quite reasonable, acceptable for average consumer.

The health check is made in a noninvasive way, so the instrument will not harm human
body. Based on the testing reports, the users can get the information about health status and prescription.



How to use the analyzer in simple operation ways:

1) install software in PC

2) connect all of lines, such as USB Drive to PC, USB Key (open the software use), the metal stick line to Machine.
3) open the software, meanwhile, hand the metal stick, and choose start testing.
4) 1 minutes, it will auto-show the test result.

Using Method: 1. Hold the probe stick in your hand according to the picture indicates:


2. After your test is completed, specialist’s recommendations will be available from the system or your health care advisor or your doctor. A composite report can be printed where the system will show the condition of your body now and show you how to improve it.

3. Guidelines : Patient
-Test should be conducted 1 hour before or after meal
-Rest at least 1/2 hour after exercise
-Remove all metallic objects, hand phone, pocket PC etc
-Remove shoes & socks; Reveal all the 24 testing points around the wrists and ankles
-Stay calm, relax, do not talk. Lie down if possible or sit with legs elevated, both legs away from the ground -Ladies should not take up the test during her menstrual period. Patients who have pacemakers are prohibited from doing this test as the frequency emitted from the Quantum may interfere with the pacemaker or any other electronic device within the body.

4. Those people not suitable to use this machine
- Little kids
- Handicap person
- Those who have pacemakers or any other electronic device in the body
- Under Long Term Medication
- Women having their Monthly Menstruation


Why Choose us 4th generation quantum analyzer ?

1.We are China Leading Health Care and Massager Products Manufacturer.

2.Alibaba Assessed 4 years Gold Supplier.

3.100% QC inspection Before Shipment.

4.Best Quality & Best Service with Competitive price.

5.Your satisfaction is our pursuit. If there is any question about our product, shipping, package etc. Pls do not hesitate to contact us. We will try our best to solve the problems.

6.We can offer you best after sale service and technical support. If you have any question for operation or technology problems, we will reply you in 24 hours.

4th generation quantum analyzer FAQ

Q1:What's the warranty of this ?
A1: One year warranty quantum resonance magnetic analyzer.


Q2:What if any quality problem during guarantee period?
A2: We can provide technical support after we get to know your problem, if there are any accessories need to replacement , we will send it to you for free or send together with your next order.

Q3: Can we print my Logo on the product? How much cost?
A3: Yes. we can OEM based on the 100PCS.The cost is depend on your design.

Q4:Can we get sample first before large order? How much cost?
A4:Sure, normally sample price is up 20% of 1000pcs price, but we will refund you after placing order.

testing 1.png

report 6.png

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We will reply you within 24 hours.


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Whatsap: +86 15112536023

Skype: lucy202014



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