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Dental LED Teeth Whitening Lamp Bleaching Blue Light Accelerator Dentaire C-Bright-B

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Hackbuteers (China) Medical Instrument Co., Ltd

Dental LED Teeth Whitening Lamp Bleaching Blue Light Accelerator Dentaire C-Bright-B

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Product Details


How it works:

C-BRINGT whitening instrument is to use a specific wavelength ( ranging between 480-520nm ) of high-intensity blue light irradiation to smear on the teeth whitening agent , in the shortest possible time so that the whitening agent through the dentinal tubules and deposition of pigment oxidation reduction in tooth surface and deep , reaching teeth whitening effect. Its features are as follows :

A double handle , drag -type machine arm , multi- angle adjustment allows the operator easier

2 unique semi- ring lamp design , full mouth dental blue uniform coverage

3.6 high-power blue LED, power strong, cooling fan, completely cold

4.10 seconds , 30 seconds , 1 light-curing process 30 minutes whitening procedures , six kinds of light intensity output , suitable for a variety of brands of whitening agents

5.LCD LCD screen display, all operations at a glance

6 Optional machine -mounted

Intended Use

C-Bright is a specific wavelength can be emitted blue light , the emitted light is irradiated on the particular coating on the tooth whitening agent to the tooth whitening electronic equipment.



Patients and electronic surgical around with pacemakers or other electronic devices can not use the device .

.16 Years of age who , pregnant women with severe periodontal disease will not fit this machine , such as :

① oral disease patients

② rotten teeth or lost teeth by

③ There incisor teeth or tooth plates were defective

④ periodontitis patients

⑤ suffering from severe dental calculi


Packaging size (cm): 117cm * 67cm * 15cm

Base (cm): base: 63x63x23, stand : 100x26x27

Weight KG)) / PCS: 20.0KG


Packaging size (cm): base: 52x52x22,

 weight (KG) / PCS: 6.0KG

DR.WHITEN ( whitening agent )

Packaging size (cm): base: 22x18x3,

 Weight (KG) / PCS: 0.13KG 


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