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Wallet Style Small Cosmetic Boxes , Hard Paper Cosmetic Packaging Boxes

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Wallet Style Small Cosmetic Boxes , Hard Paper Cosmetic Packaging Boxes

Country/Region china
City & Province xiamen fujian
Categories Bag Making Machinery

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Paper Wallet Box Cardboard Cosmetic Box Cosmetics packaging Hard Paper Box


Product customization :


Company specializes in customizing all kinds of gift boxes, and can customize gift boxes for different materials according to customer requirements, such as cardboard, grey bottom white board, white cardboard, coated paper, kraft paper, special paper, etc., and you can also customize Logo according to your requirements.


Purchase process​ :


1. Pre sales consulting: please provide you with the correct PSD/CDR/AI and other Logo source files, or picture and text information information to us, and inform the design requirements.


2. Typesetting design: after confirmation of the quotation, if you need a typesetting design, please pay a portion of the deposit.


3. Deposit and finalization: confirm the design draft, confirm the requirements of production process, quantity and ensure the accuracy of the design, then you can start production, color and print content.


4. Production and production: after the start of production, no order modification is accepted, the quantity and process are different, the time of error is also different, the production period is also different, the specific time limit is consulted, customer service is agreed.


5. Settlement and delivery: payment of 30% of the advance payment, after the completion of the picture. Arrange delivery after receiving the remaining money.


Description of order :


Whether printing LogoAccording to your design printing.
Technology madeUV printing & letterpress printing
PackageHard paper box package, 40pcs/carton,
Order cycle timeIs usually 15 ~ 30 working days, as the case may be.
Shipping modeAccording to your reques, by sea, by air, by express.
Minimum order quantity (MOQ):Quantity can be negotiations. Because the machine setup cost for the rigid paper box is usually high.

Common technology :


1. Gold stamping technology: with the help of certain pressure to make metal foil stamping to printed products, the surface presents a golden gloss, hot gold iron, silver and other colors.


2. Concave and convex Technology: making a pattern or process into a concave and convex metal plate, using a business card press to press the business card into a embossed graphic process.


3. Submembrane Technology: overlying a submembrane is a coating on a box that plays a waterproof and anti - color effect and is more durable.


4. Shiny film technology: the coating is covered with a layer of film on the box, playing the role of waterproof, anti - color, and so on. It has a gloss in the sun.


5. UV Technology: the local UV makes the highlights of the product need to be coated on the light of the product to produce unique artistic effects.


General paper :


1. White cardboard: white cardboard is strong and thick, with high stiffness, break degree and smooth skid, and the paper is flat. The cartons, printed in white paper, are full of color and the texture of paper is very good.


2. Copper coated paper: coated paper is characterized by its glossy and smooth surface, high whiteness, high smoothness and good gloss. It also makes the printed graphics and pictures have a three-dimensional sense. The effect of copper paper printing is like white cardboard, the color is full and bright.


3. Compared with white cardboard, it is less than white cardboard.White kraft paper: white kraft paper has high bursting resistance, good toughness, high strength, uniform thickness and stable color. It is widely used in making environmental friendly clothing bags, high-end shopping bags and so on. White kraft paper is not suitable for too much printing ink.


4. Kraft paper: also known as the original kraft paper. It has high tensile strength, high toughness, usually brown and yellow, tearing resistance, rupture and dynamic strength, widely used in shopping bags, envelopes, etc. Compared to white kraft paper and white cowhide carton paper, the price of yellow kraft paper is low.


5. Grey bottom whiteboard: white board is a white cardboard with a smooth front face and a gray cardboard on the back. The white board is white on one side and gray on the side, which is cheaper for white cardboard.


6. Black paper: a special kind of paper, double black. The characteristics of black cardboard paper is delicate, and black, thick, strong folding, smooth surface, good stiffness, good tensile strength, bursting strength higher.


Guarantee quality :


Quality is the existence of the enterprise. We advise buyers to guarantee transactions through payment platform, there is a mistake in the production process, products can not meet your requirements, we are free to do it for you again, we dare to take responsibility.


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