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Suppliers Qiuhai Qi Machinery Co., Ltd.

Suppliers Qiuhai Qi Machinery Co., Ltd.

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We are one of the first professional manufacturers of biomass burner, biomass & msw gasifier and biomass & msw gasification power plant in China. We have many successful cases in Europe, Southeast Asia, South America,etc.
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    Shangqiu Haiqi Machinery Co., Ltd.
    Shangqiu Haiqi Machinery Co., Ltd.
        We are the first professional organizations which engage in energy, environmental protection, energy saving technology development and related products development in China, theFirst Ancestor” of China biomass burner. The company is located in Shangqiu, where businessman originator in China. Haiqi Machinery Equipment company located in the intersection ...
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        Now Haiqi with certifications of CE, BV,TUV,SGS, has own oversea agents, orders from all over the world. Haiqi with the main the products include Biomass burner, biomass gasifier” using domestic leading technology, overcome the problems such as high energy consumption, discontiguous, severe coking situation.
    Shangqiu Haiqi Machinery Co., Ltd.
    Shangqiu Haiqi Machinery Co., Ltd.
        Our products have widely application,they can contact with all kinds of energy needed equipments, when replaced fuel oil and fuel gas material, they can help clients save cost, there is no polution of our products, they can meet the international environmental standards.
    Shangqiu Haiqi Machinery Co., Ltd.
    Development History
        Our company is built in 1996, in the development of 20 years, our firm stronger every day, we establish many branch company in Henan, Jiangsu, and Shanghai, form into Haiqi Group. under guidance of Chairman, Suzhenjiang, and with customers’ support and trust, Haiqi will be much more powerful and confidential to the bright future.

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Company Name: Suppliers Qiuhai Qi Machinery Co., Ltd.
Country: China
Website: http://www.haiqimachinery.com/