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China Rucheng HikeTone Optoelectronics Technology CO.,LTD

China Rucheng HikeTone Optoelectronics Technology CO.,LTD

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The company mainly produces optical splitter, fiber jump, WDM, isolators, circulators, optical switches, polarization maintaining device, high power and other products. The company in accordance with the international advanced level in the formulation of enterprise product standards, a perfect quality assurance system, passed by the ISO9001/2008 TUV Nord quality management system certification.

Our fiber splitter jumper products are widely used in: communication room, fiber to the home, LAN, optical fiber sensors, optical fiber communication systems, fiber optic transmission equipment, national defense, combat readiness, etc.. It is suitable for CATV network, telecommunication network, computer, optical fiber network and optical testing equipment. Subdivision is mainly applied in several aspects:

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Company Name: China Rucheng HikeTone Optoelectronics Technology CO.,LTD
Country: China
Website: http://www.haikuotong.com/