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high quality automatic full height turnstiles gates

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high quality automatic full height turnstiles gates

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Product Details

full-height turnstiles gates
1.material:202/304# stainless steel
2.arm length:60-70c
3.card reader:2pc

high quality automatic full height security turnstiles gates

Roanpu entrance control products is a perfect combination of high security and aesthetics for both indoor and outdoor.

Power Input:
100 - 240 V AC
Power Consumption:
60 Watt
1,5 mm 304 quality stainless steel or electrostatic paint on metal sheet
Operational Temparature:
(-20), (+60) C
Length of Arm:
65 cm standard
Suitable for using through direct PC control together with dry contact to trigger or 3-50V DC impact, TTL, CMOS, or RS232/422/485. Easily connected to any access contol units and other peripheral units.
Micro-processor controlled system. Operates in two directions. Allows passing in one direction. A data output is available in the direction advanced. This may either be a digital output to additional equipment or may be sent directly to a PC. System switches to automatic free passing mode in case of a power failure.
Emergency Mode:
Possible to control through connection with security systems. (Automatic free passing-panic mode in case of emergency, fire alarm )
Display Panels:
Ligthing indicator with three positions ensures passing control of the system. If the turnstile is ready for passing a green arrow blinks. When passing is allowed green arrow lights permanent. At the moment of passing through, a red 'X' lights up indicating that passing from the opposite side is forbidden.
Different voltage support is available. Suitable solutions can be realized depending on the needs.
Special Design:
Thanks to its special design, offers a decorative aspect as well as a soft, easy and silent access.
2 years
Quality Standards:
TSEK, ISO 9001:2000
Spesific audio effects for entry/exit and different body color optional.

Functions and Features:
1. Problem-self-checking function
2. Many options of working ways: bi-direction card reading; one direction card reading and another no reading; one direction card reading and another freely
3. When power off, arm open automatically and power on again, arm will be held automatically.
4. When valid card read, just push the arm with little force and arm will turn. After passenger passing, arm will be held automatically. Three arms are always closed with each turning 120 degrees.
5. Unique wheeling system is adopted to ensure accurate zero holding and unholding.
6. Standard interface is convenient for connection with different readers and writers.
7. Auto-reposition function: After card read, passenger not pass within regulated time period, full-height turnstile will cancel this passing right. And the regulated time period for passing can be set by managers.
8. Stable running with little noise.

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