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Rustproof two channel turnstile gates

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Rustproof two channel turnstile gates

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Product Details

Rustproof two channel turnstile gates
1.304 stainless steel
2.Turnstile OEM
3. thickness1.0~1.5mm
4.CE proved

Rustproof two channel turnstile gates


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The impenetrable construction eliminates any unauthorized access to restricted areas.

To gain authorized passage through the turnstile, the user must present a valid card for the access control system.

The turnstile can also work with push button, fingerprint and face recognition access control system.

2.Technical Parameters



AC220C±10V, 50HZ


Operating Temperature



Relative Humidity

≤95%, No Condensation


Communication Distance



Passing Speed

40 Persons/min(IC Card)



DC Brushless Motor, 0.5NM/24V(Fully Automatic)


Input Connection

+12V Level Signal or Pulse Wide>100ms DC12V pulse, Current>10Ma


Communication Connection

RS485 Communication Interface



SUS304 or Carbon Steel Powder Coating


Protection grade




SSB(US32D)- Stainless Steel Brushed / Powder Coating/You can give your favor Colour


Operation Place

Subway Station, Hoverport,Tourism Sports,Exhibition, Swimming Hall,Residence Area,Enterprise’s Entrance and Exit Attendance,Gateway Guard,Charge Management,Special Access Control

3.Functions& Features

(1) Running stablely without noise and mechanical impact

(2) The passing person number of the persons can be set

(3) Several ways of working molds for your demand chosen

(4) Bidirection, or one direction permitted, one forbidden, or one direction charged, one for free, and all the working molds set by the buttons in the main control board

(5) Beam falling and lifting can be controlled in far distance so to satisfy the special requirement of the users and the request of fire protection.

(6) Direction-guide lights in the turnstile to tell you whether the direction to go or not

(7) The standard electrical interface connected with various kinds of reader and writer equipment
(8) All the functions realized in one integration machine and controlled and managed by the computer in the far distance
(9) The number of the persons passed by can be counted automatically which can also be displayed in LED

(10) Beam can be lifted and fall when power is cut-off

(11) The function with or without card-reading memory cab be set according to your demand.

(12) Self-check and alarm for convenienting to operate


5.About us

6.Our service

1.Professional staff answer your questions in English.

2.Customized design and OEM

3. supported by our professional engineers.

4.Special discount of our distributors or agents in their area.

5.Packing in standard export carton, suggest you pack it by wooden case to protect the products.

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