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Blaze Display Technology Co., Ltd

Blaze Display Technology Co., Ltd

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Blaze Display Tehcnology Co., Ltd. , since 1982, a professional LCD Displays Researcher, Designer, Manufacturer and the subsidiary of Blaze Group. Being one of the leading High-tech enterprises engaged in LCD Displays field and one of the earliest LCD Displays manufacturers in China, it has more than 20 years' display technology experience.

We offer Monochrome and Colored LCD Displays: LCD Panels (TN, HTN, STN, FSTN, DSTN, CSTN Type), LCD Modules (COB, COG, COF, SMT, TAB Type), Character LCD Modules, Graphic LCD Modules, Alphanumeric LCD Modules, Segment LCD Modules, Dot Matrix LCD Modules, STN-LCD Modules, FSTN-LCD Mdoules, Standard LCD Modules, Customized LCD Modules, TFT LCD Modules, Active Matrix OLED, Passive Matrix OLED Display Modules, Touchscreen Displays, Backlight for application in instrument (especially in LGP Dispenser, Fuel Dispenser, Oil Dispenser, Gas Dispenser, Flow Meter, KWH Meter, Energy Meter, Water Meter, Gas Meter, Smart Meter), Clock & Watch, Telecommunications, Home Appliance, Industrial Controller, Car Audio, Color Display Systems and the other industries.

As proven to be a reliable supplier, we sell high quality LCD Display products to some large-scale electronic manufacturers from all over the world, such as GE, Motorola, Philips, Itron. Nowadays, Blaze Display is providing LCD Displays with the metering and cordless phone products for GE and Motorola OEM Manufacturers. Our products are throughout the world and most of them are sold to Japan, America, Eruope, South Korea, Taiwan, Mainland of China, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, etc.

Hot Products

Contrast Adjust & Temp Compensation Circuits Timing Diagrams for Read / Write Font Table: Built-in ...
We offer monochrome (light blue, white, yellow), area color, full color passive matrix OLED Displays...
Our large public LCD display systems are widely used at the airport, railway station, metro station ...
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Contrast Adjust & Temp Compensation Circuits Timing Diagrams for Read / Write Font Table: Built-in ...
Our full experienced engineers team always change customers’ display dream into truth.

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Company Name: Blaze Display Technology Co., Ltd
Country: China
Website: http://www.graphic-lcd-module.com/