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Mobile H.264 720P 4 Channel Car DVR Recorder With 7 Inch Display ROHS Approve

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Mobile H.264 720P 4 Channel Car DVR Recorder With 7 Inch Display ROHS Approve

Country/Region china
City & Province shenzhen guangdong
Categories Motors

Product Details

Mobile H.264 720P 4 Channel Car DVR Recorder With 7 Inch Display ROHS Approve



Performance Parameters:

Booting Time<30 s (From Powered on to start recording)
EncoderH.264 Main/High Profile, Each camera HD 1080p30/720p30/540p30 recording
PowerPower In: 8V ~ 32V DC, Power out for analog camera: 12V/1.5A (4 cameras)
VideoVideo Input4 1080p/720p/540p Digital Camera Recording
4 1080p/720p/540p Analog/AHD cameras
Video Output2 Video Output (1 HDMI output, 1 CVBS output)
PreviewSupport Full Screen/Dual View/Quad View/6 Cameras/8 Cameras
Record ModeAuto Record, Schedule Record, Alarm Record
Record FileRecord video and audio at same time
CompressionH.264 (High profile up to level 4.1)
Frame Rate30fps@1080p for each camera
AudioAudio Input8 audio input (audio is built in the camera)
Audio CompressionAAC (16bit, 48KHz) and PMC (according to different camera models)
Video ProcessRecord ResolutionSupport 1920x1080/1280x720/960x540
Bitrate100~8000 kbps for each camera
StorageSupport up to 6TB hard disk,one up to 256G SD card. SD card can be used as backup storage for hard disk when hard disk error
AlarmAlarm Input3 alarm sensors input, 1 speed input, 1 ignition input, 1 panic button alarm, 1 G-Sensor alarm
Alarm Output1 beeper, Alarm OSD
EventVideo Loss Event, Over Speed Event, G-Sensor Event, Storage Event, Motion Detection Event, Panic button Event
CommunicationRS485One RS485 port
RS232One RS232 port (For GPS)
RJ45One RJ45 port, 100M network
USBOne USB, can be used for mouse, USB stick
NetworkProtocolTCP / IP
LocationLocationLocation feature is optional, Support GPS/GLONASS/BEIDOU,recording location, speed, live tracking
FirmwareFrame RateRecording frame rate: 1~30fps selectable for each camera
License IDSupport
Camera NameSupport
OSDDisplay and record time, license ID, camera name, location, speed
Firmware UpgradeCan use hard disk/USB disk/SD card/remote upgrade via 4G
Play backSupport play back, file listed by time, alarm
Play SpeedSupport from 1/32 to 32
SoftwarehPlayerPlayer software, play multiple cameras together, can also play the encrypted file
CMSV6Used for 4G/3G model only, support live view/live tracking/historical track/remote upgrade
Power InputPower Input8VDC~32VDC
Power OutputPower OutputPower output for cameras: 10.5V/1.5A (8 cameras)
ACC<4.5VIgnition Off
>6.2VIgnition ON
Power ControlIgnitionTurn on the DVR when ignition is on, can set DVR to turn off after a specified time when ignition is off
Power ConsumptionLess 5.0W (No camera power consumption included)
OtherSize162.3x133.0x30.2 mm
WeightAbout 0.55kgs
TimeInternal clock, can synchronize with GPS
Dual bit streamTwo different bit stream for recording and live streaming via 4G/3G
Power ProtectionProtect power from short cut, over load and error connection
DefaultCan set to default setting
Light IndicatorLight Indicator for power, run, alarm network, 4G/3G
Over WriteSupport
Time SynchronizeSynchronize with GPS
Working ConditionWorking Temperature-25 ~ 55°C
Working Humidity5%~93%





Main Features:

1. AHD 720P resolution, high image qualiy, easy to record the road condition and inside the car.
2. Large storage capacity for long time recording. 1 SD card slot, each max support 128GB
3. Optional GPS, 3G/4G, Wifi version, for different purpose.
4. High level shockproof design, protect your data utmost.
5. Wide voltage design, 8V-36V, suitable for any kind of vehicle.
6. Private mould, the only appearance design in the world.


Q: What should I do when the product has problems that I cannot handle?
A: Record product model and software version number, submit detailed problem description to our technical support engineer for analysis.
The more detailed you describe, the more convenient our analysis will be.

Q: What if the car host device does not have video output?
A: 1. Check the boot status of the host. Check the device input power, check the power line wiring is correct, whether the ground wire back to the battery, the power line insurance is intact; at the same time check the host power supply red and yellow line is normal, if only one line power supply, then the host Can't start it.
2. Check if the display is powered and if the display video switches to AV and the corresponding channel status.
3. Check the connection status of the host video output cable and the monitor.

Q: The host is always restarted
A:1. Check if the voltage of the device is insufficient and the starting voltage of the device has not been reached, causing the device to restart;

3. Check that the hard disk is in good contact and the front panel HDD/SD lamp is lit.

Q: The video file is missing, or there is no video file in a certain period of time?
A:1. By determining the time period determined in the first video file after the final video file is lost and restored.
2. Confirm whether the host has not booted during that period of time. For example, the host that stops parking, loading, unloading, etc. does not set a time-lapse recording.

GPS related issues
Q: GPS module exists but no coordinate information?
A: 1. Check if the GPS module is present.
2. Confirm whether the GPS antenna contact is good and whether the antenna is disconnected. It is recommended to place it in a place where the signal is strong.
Vehicle glass shielding will block the GPS signal.
3. If it is tested in the room, the GPS antenna is in the room and the signal is shielded. It is recommended to place the GPS antenna outdoors.
4. The impact of the surrounding environment such as trees, tunnels, driving around high buildings and elevated roads, thunderstorms, etc., may result in no signal of GPS, or receive a wrong signal.


Q: Some channels have a black screen?
A: The black screen of certain channels is found on the monitor screen. The possible causes are as follows:
There is no video connection on this channel; the camera connected to this channel is damaged or abnormally working; if the power of the camera is taken from the device, the voltage provided by the device may be insufficient; the cable connecting this channel is not in good contact or damaged;

Q: Can't play back video files when playing back on a PC?
A: The possible causes are as follows: No video file path or video file is selected. Please select the path of the video file before playback; the local video file is corrupted, resulting in unreadable;

Q: Can't remote control be remote?
A: The possible causes are as follows: The remote controller is not equipped with a battery; the remote controller is damaged; the device is malfunctioning;



1. What is our MOQ for the Mobile DVR?

We don't have MOQ for standard orders, for orders with printing logo the MOQ is usually 100pcs, and for OEM color box the MOQ is 1,000pcs.

2. Can I apply my own tracking system to the mobile DVR?

Yes, we have powerful technical team to make your tracking system compatible with our device.

3.How can I watch the record of the video?

You can see the playback from many ways: on PC client(in the attached CD), on your mobile phone, or through the CMS to watch the video. Also you can download the video through network, it will save your time to get the SD card or HDD out of the device.

4.What is your shipment time?

Usually we arrange the order after we confirmed the deposit, and it will take 3-5 days for small order, 5-15 days for mass order.

5.What if my device doesn’t work?

You can contact our sales, and they will check what is the problem. We have one year warranty for the device, if the problem is not created by act of man, we can fix it or change the new one for you.



  1. Vehicle,Truck,Bus,School Bus,etc.
  2. Real-time video  monitoring.
  3. GPS tracking.
  4. Assets Tracking.
  5. Fleet Management.




1.  our product is free to use the Tracking service server in 24 hours each day

2.  our product there is a 2 year quanlity assurance.

3. Sample fee will be returned.



Product Configuration:


    1. Standard configuration

  1. Device host       1
  2. Power  Cables    1
  3. I/O Cables        1
  4. AV Cables         1
  5. Remote control     1
  6.  3G/4G  Antenna   1
  7.  GPS Antenna       1
  8. CD( User manual)   1

    2. Optional configuration:

  1. camera
  2. lcd display
  3. SD card
  4. hard disc
  5. fuel sensor
  6. temperature sensor 

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