Woven Bag Multipurpose First Aid Kits For Home / Travel / Emergency Use

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Woven Bag Multipurpose First Aid Kits For Home / Travel / Emergency Use

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Product Details

FIRST AID is the application of limited care for an illness or injury,using the equipment of the First Aid Kit until professional medical help can be accessed.

Almost everyone will need to use a First Aid Kit at one point.Be prepared to prevent further injury and save a life.

This leaflet contains advices on basic first aid for untrained people,you shoule not give more than this basic procedures if you are not trained.




Product Parameter

1. Non-woven tape 1.25cmx5yds------1pc

2. Non-woven triangle bandage 96x96x135cm------1pc

3. Gauze pad 5cmx5cm------3pcs

4. ABD pad 5”x9”------1pc

5. Non-adherent dressing------2pcs

6. Transparent PE bandage------20pcs

7. Scissors ------1pc

8. Plastic tweezer------2pcs

9. Emergency blanket 1.3mx2.1m------1pc

10. Safety pins 0.5cmx3.3cm------10pcs

11. Notebook(50paper)+pencil(9cmLength) ------1pair

12. PVC glove------1pair

13. Content list A4------1pc

14. First aid guide book A4------1pc

15. PBT bandage 7.5cmx4m------1pc

16. First aid conforming bandage 10cmx12cmx4m------1pc

17. Bag------1pc


1. PE skin color 72x19mm------10pcs

2. Adhesive eye pad 58x80mm------1pc

3. Non-adherent pad 5cmx7.5cm------2pcs

4. Gauze swab 7.5x7.5cm------2pcs

5. PBT conforming bandage 5cmx4m------1pc

6. Cooling gel patch 5cmx12cm------1pc

7. Wood Cotton buds 7.2cm------20pcs

8. Non-woven tape 1.25cmx5yds------1pc

9. Scissor------1pc

10. Alcohol pad 3cmx6cm------4pcs

11. Antiseptic cleansing wipe12cmx20cm------2pcs

12. Soap towelette 12cmx20cm------2pcs

13. Lens cleaning towelette 12cmx20cm------2pcs

14. Safety pins 0.5cmx3.3cm------2pcs

15. Bag------1pc

Total Qty  49pcsTotal Qty  52pcs
Package  48sets/ctnPackage  120sets/ctn
Bag Meas  17*12.5*5cmBag Meas  15.5*10cm
Ctn Meas  53*52*32cmCtn Meas  49*42*42cm

1. PBT conforming bandage 7.5cmx4m------1pc

2. PBT conforming bandage 5cmx4m------2pcs

3. Non-woven tape 2.5cmx2.5cm------1roll

4. Non-woven triangle bandage 96x96x137cm------1pc

5. Skin PVC plaster 50 pcs assorted plaster------1box

6. Gauze pad 7.5x7.5cm------3pcs

7. Non-woven pad 7.5x7.5cm------1pc

8. Non-woven dressing bandage 5cmx7.5cm------1pc

9. Eye pad 5.7x8.2cm------1pc

10. Alcohol pad 3x6cm------8pcs

11. Scissor 12x5.7cm------1pc

12. Safety glove------1pair

13. Plastic tweezer 12.5cm length------1pc

14. Emergency blanket 13x2.1m------1pc

15. Safety pin 0.5cmx3.3cm------10pcs

16. Notebook 50papers + pencil(9cmLength) ------1pair

17. First aid guidebook:A4 paper------1pc

18. Mouth-to-mouth mask------1pc

19. Antiseptic cleansing wipe------10pcs

20. First aid bandage:6cmx8cmx4m------1pc

21. Ice pack 85g------1pc

22. Burn dressing 60x80mm------1pc


1. PBT bandage 7.5cmx4m------2pcs

2. First aid conforming bandage 8cmx10cmx4m------2pcs

3. Crepe bandage 6cmx4m------1pc

4. Non-woven medical tape 2.5cmx5yds------1pc

5. Non-woven triangle bandage: 96x96x135cm------1pc

6. Non-woven pad 5x5cm------4pcs

7. Wound burn dressing 80x60cm------1pc

8. Wound burn dressing 40x60cm------1pc

9. Non-woven dressing bandage 7x10cm------4pcs

10. Eye pad 5.8cmx8cm------4pcs

11. Transparent PE bandage------20pcs

12. Scissors------1pc

13. Safety glove L#------2pairs

14. Plastic tweezer 12.5cm length------1pc

15. Emergency blanket 1.3mx2.1m------1pc

16. Safety pin 0.5cmx3.3cm------10pcs

17. Notebook(50paper)+pencil------1pair

18. Antiseptic cleansing wipe 12x18cm------10pcs

19. Ice pack 85g------1pc

20. Mouth-to-mouth mask------1pc

21. Gauze pad 7.5x7.5cm------5pcs

22. Cooling patch 5x12cm------2pcs

23. Cotton elastic bandage 5cmx4.5m------1pc

24. Alcohol pad 3cmx6cm------10pcs

25. 600D material bag------1pc

Total Qty  50pcsTotal Qty  88pcs
Package  30sets/ctnPackage  12sets/ctn
Bag Meas  26*16*6cmBag Meas  31.5*21*12cm
Ctn Meas  53.5*49.5*32cmCtn Meas  63*44*39cm

1. Crepe bandage 6cmx4m------2pcs

2. Cotton elastic bandage7.5cmx3.2m------1pc

3. PBT conforming bandage 5cmx4m------1pc

4. PBT conforming bandage 7.5cmx4m------1pc

5. PBT conforming bandage 10cmx4m------1pc

6. First aid conforming bandage 10cmx12cmx4m------1pc

7. Gauze triangle bandage 91.5x91.5x129.5cm------1pc

8. Non-woven triangle bandage 96x96x135cm------1pc

9. Burn dressing 80cmx60cm------1pc

10. Wound dressing 40cmx60cm------1pc

11. Ice pack 85g------1pc

12. Cotton applicators 20pcs/polybag------20pcs

13. Non-adherent dressings 5cmx7.5cm------5pcs

14. Non-woven dressing bandage 7.5cmx10cm------4pcs

15. Gauze pad 5cmx5cm------4pcs

16. Gauze pad 7.5cmx7.5cm------4pcs

17. Non-woven pad 10cmx10cm------2pcs

18. Eye pad 5.8cmx8cm------2pcs

19. Non-woven long dressing 6x10cm------10pcs

20. Alcohol pad 3cmx6cm------10pcs

21. BZK pad 3cmx6cm------10pcs

22. Antiseptic cleansing wipe 12cmx18cm------10pcs

23. Soap wipes 12cmx18cm------6pcs

24. Lens cleansing wipes 12cmx18cm------4pcs

25. Anti-mosquito towelette 12cmx18cm------4pcs

26. Sun cream 1g------2pcs

27. Burn cream 1g------2pcs

28. Scissor 15cmx6cm------1pc

29. Tweezers 12.5cm length------1pc

30. Safety gloves 12cmx24cm------2pairs

31. Safety pin 0.5cmx3.3cm------1pc

32. Emergency blanket 1.3mx2.1m------1pc

33. Skin PE bandage 100pcs/box------100pcs

34. Mouth-to-mouth mask------1pc

35. First aid handbook------1pc

36. Non-woven tape 2.5cmx5yds------1pc

37. Cotton tape 1.25cmx5m------1pc

38. Multipurpose knife------1pc

39. Cooling patch 5cmx12cm------1pc

40. Fresh survived water 500ml------1pc

41. 600D Material bag------1pc

Total Qty  225pcs  
Package  4sets/ctn  
Bag Meas  29*20*13cm  
Ctn Meas  61.5*43.5*18cm  


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