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Building insulation Material FRP Skylight Sun Sheet sheet

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Building insulation Material FRP Skylight Sun Sheet sheet

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City & Province zibo shandong
Categories Bleaching Machinery

Product Details


Mechanics Features:    High steel and high tenacity FRP.

Resin Ingredient: Common anti-ageing resin

Fiber Intensity: Non-alkali, non-twist, non-glue glass fiber.

Surface Treatment: Pasting domestic pet anti-ageing film

Thermal Expansion Coefficient: 2.5×10¯5cm/cm/

Thermal Conductivity:0.18w/m°k

Warranty: 10 years

FRP roof sheet for warmhouse/greenhousetransparent fiberglass frp sheet

transparent fiberglass frp sheet

1.Product name:FRP, PC, PVC, UPVC, sun sheets
2.Effective cover width:750mm-1050mm
3.Thickness: 0.80 mm , 1.0 mm , 1.2 mm , 1.5 mm , 2.0 mm
4.Color :clear,translucent,transparent
5. round wave, trapezoidal wave
6.Length : 1-11.8 m according to the container.
7.Weight : 1.1kg / m 2 for 1.0mm*1000mm
8.Material:resin and calcium carbonate
10.Surface type: common printing/oil printing/transfer printing
11.PVC ratio:40%-60% or according to your requirement
12.Temperature range:  -40 °C-50°C
13.Oxygen index: >32.6 kg/m
14.Thermal conductivity:0.16 W/m°C
15.Fire rating:B 1 grade.
16.HS code: 3925900000
  1. strong and clear
  2. easy to install
  3. flame retardant and durable, thermal-isolating
  4. corrosion resistance
  5. long span(about 25 days)
  6. 100% waterproof
  7. High intensity. It could sustain its own weight, do not fade or distort.
  8. Beautiful appearance and easy-maintenance
  9. Reasonable price 
18.PVCLow thermal conductivity good corrosion resistance easy to manufacture, but in high temperature easy to transfigure, low intensity
19FRPExcellent corrosion resistance, good insulation and security. FRP section is the best building material now.


China Artisan  FRP Sun  Sheet More Pictures:

1.The Raw  material
2. Workshop production line
China Artisan  FRP Sun Sheet Technical Property:


1.Corrosion Resistance   2.Strong Strength   3.Aging Resistance   

4.Chalking Resistance     5.Self-cleaning        6.Yellowish Resistance

7.Cheaper Maintenance  8.Excellent Performance

4.The Application
China Artisan  FRP Sun Sheet ideal for Allowing Light In All Types of Buildings



  • Roof Lights for Warehouses
  • Roof Lights for Workshops
  • Roof Lights for Steel Structure Project
  • Roof Lights for Storage Facilities


  • Roof Lights for Barns
  • Roof Lights for Farm & Storage Buildings
  • Roof Lights for Stables
  • Roof Lights for Greenhouse Project
  • Roof Lights for Cattle Sheds


  • Roof Lights for Garages
  • Roof Lights for Lean-to's
  • Roof Lights for Sheds
  • Roof Lights for Car Ports
6.Loading the container 
  • China Artisan  FRP Sun Wall Sheet Sales Team Service:
  • Professional and experienced sales team
  • Experienced documentary team.
  • High efficiency shipping team.
  • Competitive prices
  • Delivery service available(subject to terms and conditions)
  • All enquires welcome
  • China Artisan  FRP Sun Wall Sheet Sales Team Service:
  • .Drilled Holes:

China Artisan  FRP SunSheet Physical and Chemical Data Sheets:

1,fibreglass sheet,FRP panels,fibreglass panel,corrugated sheet
2,transparent ,lightblue ,red and other color


    1)High light transparency

    2)Light weight and high strength

    3)Corrosion and impact resistance

    4)Anti-UV, anti-static, insulation

    5)Accurate cross-section size

    6)The length of the random cutting and more

    7)Widely used in industrial plants, large-scale treasury markets, greenhouse, aquaculture and tourism

    8)Used as roof, wall panel and more

    9)Supports good lighting effect

4,Index :

Unit Weight: 1800g/m²  2400g/m²  3050g/m²

Nominal Thickness:0.8mm,1.0mm, 1.2mm   1.5mm   2.0mm, 2.5mm

Heat Resistance Limit: -60 to +130

Light Transmittance: 75%±2% ( light green)  53%±2% (cream white)

Anti- ultraviolet Rate: 99.9%

Tensile Strength: 100Mpa

Flexural Strength: 180Mpa

Cracking Elongation Rate: 1.9%

Pasture Hardness: ≥50

Thermal Expansion Coefficient: 2.2×10¯5cm/cm/

Thermal Conductivity: 0.18w/m° k

Warranty:15 years

Tensile modulus(Gpa) 6.92 GB  catalyst cold temperature -52 GB
 tensile strength(Gpa) 103 GBheat distortion temperature 172 GB
 flexural modulus(Gpa)6.00 GB glass fiber content above30% GB
  flexural strength(Gpa) 171 GB water absorption% 0.18 GB
 shear strength(Gpa) 89.9 GB specific gravity 1.48g/cm² GB
  Barcol hardness 47 GB Coefficient of thermal expansion 1.5-2.2*10-5GB  


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