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CsI tl scintillator

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Thallium doped cesium iodide crystal, CsI tl, is one of the brightest scintillation material. Its emission peak was at 550nm, which was matched well with photodiode, thus the read-out system can be much simplified .

Basic information of CsI tl scintillator

  1. Growth method: Bridgman
  2. Dimension(maximum): diameter 90 mm x 300 mm length
  3. Available items: CsI tl, CsI na and Pure CsI

Production of CsI tl scintillator

Cesium iodide crystal, CsI tl, was produced in EPIC Crystal by using the modified Bridgman technique, with super pure 99.999% cesium iodide(CsI) raw material and appropriate content of thallium iodide(TII), and the toxygen scavenger was used, which can be well reacted with oxide impurities at high temperature, ensured an growing environment without the existing of oxygen, this was great helpful for the production of high purity crystal. Meanwhile the anti-radiation hardness was improved dramatically.

It is of great importance to ensure the non-homogeneous of light output along the CsI tl crystal in Bridgman production, EPIC Crystal developed the modified technique and controlled this well, please refer to the PDF file, in which the experiment on a 220 mm length CsI tl was conducted, the radiation source(Cesium 137) located in both ends and middle place, the non-homogeneous of light output in two ends showed less than 7%.

Main applications of CsI tl scintillator

CsI tl crystal mainly used in the nuclear radiation detection and high energy physics, typically the BaBar experiment at standford Linear Accelerator Center(SLAC) and Belle experiment at High Energy Accelerator Research Organization(KEK). Moreover, in some applications like X ray security inspection, the CsI tl was generally fabricated into linear or 2d array, which has been the strength in EPIC Crystal.

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