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LYSO scintillator

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LYSO scintillator

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Product Details

LYSO ce scintillator crystal is a new type of scintillation materials, it has the excellent scintillation properties, like high light output, short decay time, high density and anti-radiation hardness, and with stable chemical and physical properties

Basic information of LYSO ce scintillator

  1. Growth method: Czochralski
  2. Formula: Lu1.9Y0.1SiO5(Ce:0.5 mol%)
  3. Dimensions(maximum): diameter 65 mm x 180 mm length
  4. Available items: Monolithic and Pixelated LYSO

Production of LYSO ce scintillator

Since 2005, EPIC has been optimizing the Czochralski to acquire LYSO ce scintillator crystal with larger dimensions and better performance in China, now it can be produced at 65mm diameter with 180mm length boule in high volume. Meanwhile, we have the complete crystal further process equipment, included line cutting, fine ground, polishing machines and stable matrix assembly technique.

Main applications of LYSO ce scintillator

LYSO ce scintillator crystal is the ideal Positron Emission Tomography(PET) scintillation crystal, it has the improved energy resolution and timing resolution compared with traditional BGO, which is vital to get the clear image and shorten the scanning process.

According to the authorized statistics, the global market for PET was estimated to be around 1 G$, included the USA, Europe and Asia where most of the growth is, and the current main suppliers are GE healthcare, Positron Corporation, Philips Healthcare, Siemens Healthcare and Raytest.

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