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Address: No 59, Shunda Rd, Shanghai, China

Phone: 86-512-50135884

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EPIC Crystal Co.,Ltd

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EPIC Crystal Co.,Ltd(Efficient, Professional, Intelligent, Customer-oriented), was founded in 2005 by professionally supplying  scintillator and single crystal substrate&wafer, who has been constantly providing our customer with reliable quality products, compertitive price and efficient service from then on. We are so pround that our products have been certified by practice, like SLAC, KEK, CERN etc, which acquired great honor from both demostic and oversea markets


EPIC, rely on the tremendous R&D support from its own research institute, has built long-term business relationship with customers worldwide, such as, Autoclearus, SMTX, etc, lead to the annual export volume up to USD 5 million in 2010, and we have enough confidence to exceed this miracle in the near futuer

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Company Name: EPIC Crystal Co.,Ltd
City: Shanghai
Province: Shanghai
Address: No 59, Shunda Rd, Shanghai, China