HQ46 Cable type 500A mv output AC clamp on current probe


HQ46 Cable type 500A mv output AC clamp on current probe

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City & Province Beijing
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HQ46 Cable type 500A mv output AC clamp on current probe

The HQ46 AC Current Probe isdesigned for easy installed in tight spaces and without the need for dismantling the primary busbar or cables. Thesensing head uses sliding push-fit clamp structure, safety isolation to avoid the user to contact with charged objectsdirectly. It complies with CE standards and meets 600V CAT III safety class..

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  • Power quality monitoring
  • Smart logger
  • Distributed measurement systems
  • Energy meter calibration


  • Flexible and light weights, exquisite appearance
  • Easy &quick installation in tight spaces
  • Excellent linearity
  • Maximum measuring current up to 550A


Electrical parameters
Rated primary current500A AC
Output voltage1 mV AC/A
Amplitude accuracy±0.3%RD±0.02%FS (10%~100%I1n), 45Hz- 66Hz|Wire centered
Phase accuracyt±0.5°(10%~100%I1n) (45Hz-5kHZ)
The amplitude frequency characteristic±1% (45Hz-5kHZ) (Deviation accuracy)
Conductor impact±0.5% (Off-center)
The influence of external lector magnetic fields≤0.1A (In AC 400A/m electromagnetic fields)
Maximum input current550A AC (Continuous)
(45-66Hz, Ambient temperature 50°C)
Temperature coefficient±0.02%/°C of the reading data
Dielectric strength5500 V AC rms/Continue 15 seconds (Circuits-iron core, iron core-shell)
The maximum rated voltage600V AC rms
Applicable standardsSafety: EN61010-2-032:2012,600V CAT III, Contamination II
EMC: EN61326:1997+A1:1998+A2:2001+A3:2003 (Class A)
Mechanical parameters
Measurable conductor diameterMax.46mm
Cable lengthAbout 3 m
Dimension (W x H x E)About 96×160×40 (Excluding protruding parts)
WeightAbout 395g
Environmental conditions
Operating temperature0 to 50°C (32-122°F)
Operating humidity≤80%RH(No condensate)
Storage temperature-10 to 60°C (14-140°F)
Storage humidity≤80%RH(No condensate)
Operating environmentIndoor, altitude up to 2000 meters

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  • HQ46-Cable type 500A mv output AC clamp on current probe(893MB)

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