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Address: No.298th, ZhongHua North Street,050065,Shijiazhuang City,Hebei Province,China.

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About Us

HUATAO LOVER LTD was born in 2001, always with the philosophy of "respecting the heaven and loving the people, striving for perfection" as the main line of development, and continuously involved in different industries. After more than ten years of development into a group enterprise, the products now involve the following industries:


Geosynthetics series- Geomembrane Pond Liner,Geotextile,Woven Geotextile,Geocell,Geogird,Geomat,Geonet,Geosynthetic Clay Liner,Geocomposite Drain,WPC boarding.


Pulping Equipment Spare Parts - Breaking and Pulping equipment,Screen And Cleaning Equipment,Floatating-Dispersering-Bleaching equipment,Agitator and Pulp pump ect.


Paper making Machine Part  - Wire Section/Press Section/Dryer section renovation,Paper machine Cloth,Head Box,Wiper Blade,Press roll and stone rolls,Section roll and Cyliner mould,Calender,Rewinder,Reeler


Artificial Plant series- artificial turf grass, Artificial plant walls, Arififcial flowers, Artificial rattan, Artificial trees, etc.


Industry Felts series - PBO felts, Kevlar Felt, Polyester Felt,Roller cover,Cement fiber felt,Filter Felt


Industry Belts series - Corrugator belts,battery pasting belts,Polyester conveyor belt,Spin belt,Filter belts


Industry Fabrics series - Paper machine cloth,Filter fabric,Screen printing mesh,Polyester mesh,



Our team of senior engineers can organize the best commodity source for you. By supplying the best Chinese products, Professional design and responsible attitude on service,we devote to creating our unique brand "HUATAO" in global. Since the establishment, " HUATAO " products have been supplied to more than 60 countries and set up the agencies. And our products and service have been recognized and trusted by the end users all the way. We believe, once we have the cooperation, "HUATAO" will be your most reliable partners in your road to success. Because of trust , business will be simple.


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Polyester Needle Punched Non Woven Geotextile Fabric Non Woven Anti - Oxidation Polyester Thermal ...
Geosynthetic Fabric 200g 5.8m Width Heat Treatment Nonwoven Geotextile Heat Treatment Nonwoven ...

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City: shijiazhuang
Province: hebei
Country: china
Address: No.298th, ZhongHua North Street,050065,Shijiazhuang City,Hebei Province,China.